What Is Really On The Deep Web?
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What Is Really On The Deep Web?

When 90% of the internet isn't accessible to the general public, you could be missing out on a lot.

What Is Really On The Deep Web?

The "Deep Web", "Dark Web", or "Hidden Web" is the 90% or more of the World Wide Web that can't be found by the standard search engine; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, ect. Because of this, there is a lot of mystery involved in the deep web and often times, people are even scared of it. While some of the sites on the deep web can be scary or have illegal activities involved, not all of it is bad.

1. Religious Sharing

You can find websites on Paganism, Demonology, Satanism, Christianity, Islam, and pretty much anything religions that you can think of. Some of these are cult sites which can be seen as scary by some, but a lot of the major religions of today started out as small cults. So in theory, not all cults are a bad thing but at the same time there have been some pretty dangerous cults. There are also articles for sharing religious information and stories as well as forums to share experiences and ask questions.

Not every part of the world has freedom to practice what ever religion they choose and could get in legal trouble if found practicing a religion that their government deems not to be ok. These religious sites on the deep web can help people in these types of situations learn more about other religions in a "safer" way in which they are less likely to get caught by their government. These sites can also be used to spread information about new religions that are just getting started and share info about religions that might be seen as obscure, not ok, and looked down upon by the general public.

There is also plenty of fake or parody religion site that were made for the lols. They can be pretty entertaining to read about.

2. Occult Information

Have you ever wanted to learn about magic, spells, alchemy, astral projection, meditation, energy/aura work, the chakras, telepathy and more? You can find that info on the Deep Web. Some of this info can also be found with the standard search engines too as well books. The deep web is much bigger than the "surface" web though, so you will find more info on the deep web about these unique studies than you would find on the internet that most people are used to. In addiction, books about the occult could be banned in your area so websites might be your only option to learn things you might be interested in.

3. Aliens And Ufos

Some of these sites claim to be leaked information from professionals. Sites like these normally include the names of different species of known aliens, info about them such as diet, wether they are peaceful, and their known interactions with humans on Earth. Sometimes there are even pictures of the aliens alongside their data.

However most alien and ufo websites are the average "I believe in aliens and ufos" blogs that includes pictures and stories as proof to convince their readers that aliens and ufos are real.

Then you have alien and ufo conspiracy theory sites that have theories about area 51, aliens hiding themselves as humans and running our governments, shape shifts, reptilians, ect.

Lastly there are organizations that have done studies on people who have seen aliens and people who claim to be abducted by aliens. They keep track of data on these people such as their gender, age range, locations, history of mental illnesses, history of health issues, religious beliefs, and more about the people and post them to their sites.

While info on ufos and aliens can be found in books and on the surface web, the deep web is bigger and will have info that can only be found there.

4. Vampires

Much like aliens there are organizations of people who do studies about vampires, They keep track of gender, age ranges, locations, history of mental illness, religious beliefs, GPA, possible occult/paranormal like abilities, how they feed and more about the people who claim to be real vampires.

There is also info sharing websites about real vampires. It has info like how to identify someone as a vampire, information about the different kinds of vampires, finding donors, and information about vampire slayers/hunters. There is also normally Q&As or forums included on these sites. These real vampire sites can be found on both the deep web and the surface web. They really aren't difficult to find but a lot of the sites differ in what is "facts" so getting any real info might be a challenge. Also be prepared for high levels of energy/psychic vampire hatred and exclusion from the vampire communities who will let you know that energy vampires are not a real vampire because they don't need blood like them and that they're not welcome there because they feed in a different way. Elitism and exclusion is a big issue in these communities, but I promise that you are not alone and there are people who care about you despite what some of these groups claim. If anyone needs anyone to talk to, message me sometime.

As expected, there is also vampire hunting communities on the deep web and surface web. Slayers are more like cops; they only go after dangerous people and help keep order. Hunters, however, are a different story. They tend to kill for religious reasons or for the trill. They have sites with tips on how to harm vampires and people can even buy vampire hunting kits.

5. Ghost Hunting

Want to learn about ghost hunting organizations in your area, get tips on how to hunt for ghosts, and buy some equipment? These sites can be found on with a normal internet search or on the deep web.

6. Drug Dealing

And now we reach a topic that you probably expected to see in this article. If you have heard about the deep web before, you most likely expect it to be a dark place full of illegal activities and scary things so seeing this might of made you go "finally! Its about time we get to the dark stuff!".

On the deep web there are sites similar to Amazon or ebay that sell illegal items. The most popular online black market, known as "Silk Road", was used from 2011 to 2013. Silk Road was best known for its illegal drug sales since that made up 70% of all sales on the site. Other than drugs you could buy fake ids, medical supplies, energy drinks, art, jewelry, erotica, and books. After a sale, most items were shipped though the mail like any other package. To help sellers out, the site included a guide on how to vacuum seal the products to help escape detection. There was also a review system so buyers could see who was legit or not and who had the best products. The site was shut down in October of 2013 by the FBI and the suspected founder of the site, Ross Ulbricht, was arrested. He is currently serving life sentence in prison without possibility of parole for money laundering, computer hacking, trafficking narcotics, and engaging in continuing criminal enterprise. However, Silk road did not stay down for long. A Silk Road 2.0 came back online a month later and stayed up for a whole year before being shut down again. While in operation, Silk Road made around $1.2 billion dollars in revenue. Another interesting fact about Silk road is, there was 2 movies made about the site; a documentary called Deep Web (2015) and a made for tv crime drama known as Silk Road (2017) & another one called Dark Web that is currently in the works which is being worked on by the Coen brothers. Silk Road also had its own tor based book club. The reading list contained material on computer hacking and conspiracy theories.

Other big drug selling sites were The Farmer's Market (formally called Adamflowers) which ran from 2006 to 2012 and Black Market Reloaded which closed down in late 2013.

Today, there are many dark web markets currently in operation. Some are legit sites while others are scam sites used to steal bitcoins from the users. There are also sites set up by government officials to catch and lock up criminals. There are also sites in which anyone can learn to make their own drugs and get tips on how to successfully sell drugs both online and off.

* I have never bought drugs or any illegal services online. I can not and will not tell you which sites are legit or give recommendations on where to buy from. This is to keep my name clean and to help prevent the possibility of a lot of sites being taken down. However, to be honest, that info is very easy to find out for yourself if you put forth a small bit of effort. Also, this probably a "no duh" thing to say but buying from or selling on these site may get you imprisoned. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

7. Hackers

Something you might not know about hackers is, they go by hats and not all of them have harmful intentions. There is white, black, gray, red, blue, and green hat hackers. A Green hat hacker is someone who is new to the world of hacking. They don't have much knowledge yet and might ask some dumb questions which annoys others, but its just because they want to learn and become a better hacker. Blue hat hackers are people hired to look for bugs in a system before they are launched. Any exploits found can be closed before anyone uses these to their own advantages. Blue hat hackers also refers to security professionals invited by Microsoft to find issues in Windows. This unofficial name originated from the blue badges that Microsoft employees wore at the Microsoft annual security conference.

White hat hackers are the "good guys" of the hacker world. These ethical hackers remove viruses and look for security holes in a company's systems & networks to warn the businesses about their holes before anyone dangerous can take advantage of these issues. They normally get thanked in the next patch release or in merch released by the helped company. White hats also normally get payed a lot by selling what they found to companies that have bug bounty programs. They might make between $500 to more than $100,000 by doing so. Sometimes it pays to be good. As proof of their hacking to benefit others, white hat hacker can get the Certified Ethical Hacker certification from the EC-Council.

The opposite of a white hat hacker is a black hat hacker. Hackers of the back hat look for weak security to cause damage and steal files, company secrets. passwords, money, credit card info, and other important stuff from the companies. Black hats might also sell this information to who ever will buy it, which is more often than not, other criminals. Black hats commonly stand for individual freedom and accessibility over privacy and security. In between white and black hats are the gray hat hackers who do both beneficial hacking and malicious hacking. They may sometimes break the laws but they don't normally have as much bad intention as the black hats. Instead of reporting issues to the businesses and how the exploit works, they may offer to give this info over to the business or repair any issues for a fee. They will also sometimes sell this information to governments, law enforcement, Intelligence agencies, and militaries which then use this info to get into these systems for themselves if they suspect criminal activities or if they are seen as a rival group. Some might think that these people are doing public good by "handing over" this info to authorities but the info sold or given to these people of high positions can easily be used for harm in addition to good. Some gray hats willingly share this info to the public too which means anyone can get their hands on it.Gray hats might also brake the laws in an effort to research and improve security. Because they are a hat that covers everything between two extremes, they can have a lot of different motives and still be called the same thing.

Lastly there are red hat hackers. These guys are seen as the vigilantes of the hacking world. Red hats hunt down black hat hackers and try to take them down in scary unethical ways. Instead of reporting them to authorities, they take them down themselves by uploading viruses, DOSing and or accessing the black hat's computer to destroy it from the inside out. After a red hat hacker is done, the black hat will likely have to get a new computer because of how much the red hat has done to try to take them down.

Other than the hackers themselves, the deep web has quite a few hacking forums where people can ask questions, share information and learn more about hacking. Some Hacking forums on the deep web include; Ground Zero, and HELL. You can visit these links with Tor. You will need to make an account to access these forums. Hell requires a .1 bitcoin deposit for you to make an account. Right now that roughly equals $125 US dollars.

Ground Zero: http://zeroerfjaacldxzf.onion

HELL: http://legionhiden4dqh4.onion

People can also hire hackers on the deep who are willing to do hacking jobs for people in exchange for bitcoins (money). Some offer their services on forums, black markets & social media. Others have personal pages that detail their skill levels and what they are willing to do. These sites are not difficult to find but I will not include links because I don't know who is legit and because of possible legal issues.

8. Information For Sale

Joker.buzz is a Russian site in which secretive, controversial, and obscure information can be bought and sold. People can also buy videos, photos, files, messages, call histories, internet search histories, social media histories and emails of public figures, political figures, and other famous people in high positions. One of their information sellers include the famous group "Anonymous". This site is both on the deep web and the surface web. All sales deal in the bitcoin currency.

Joker.buzz surface web: https://joker.buzz/

Joker.buzz deep web: http://jokerbuzzhyhl5cl.onion

* I have never bought from this site. I do not know how legit it is. Proceed with caution. Also I am not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

9. Stolen Accounts For Sale

You can buy someone's paypal, ebay, Amazon, Google Play, ITunes, and hacked netflix accounts on many black market sites on the deep web with bitcoins (a type of money commonly used on the deep web).

* Selling and buying these stolen accounts are illegal. I have never bought or sold accounts. While its not difficult to find black markets that sell these items, I will not provide any links. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

10. Stolen Credit Cards, Bank Accounts & Counterfeit Money For Sale

The deep web has sites where people can buy and sell stolen or cloned credit cards, counterfeit money of many different currencies, stolen bank accounts, and stolen paypal accounts. Some counterfeit money sites claim that their products are so convincing that they can pass the pen and UVI tests.

* Selling and buying these items are illegal. I have never bought or sold any of these items. While its not difficult to find black markets and private market sites that sell these items, I will not provide any links. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

11. Fake IDs, & Driver's Licenses For Sale

There are multiple sites on the deep web in which someone could buy a fake ID. Some sites claim that their IDs are so high quality that they are scannable, contains original hologram & uv, and are laser printed. Wait time for a fake ID? One site says they can have it done and shipped to you in 48 hours if you are located in the United States.

* Selling and buying these items are illegal. I have never bought or sold any of these items. While its not difficult to find black markets and private market sites that sell IDs and drivers licenses, I will not provide any links. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

12. Documents, USA Citizenship & Passports For Sale

On the deep web people can buy passports from around the word, fake USA citizenship papers, fake birth certificates, and fake USA social security numbers.

* I realize that getting citizenship in the United states is not easy process and its also a long process that can be a little confusing. However, I highly suggest going about getting citizenship the legal way. Buying or selling any of these papers is highly illegal and I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

Honestly, I think the USA citizenship process could use some updating. If It was up to me, I'd bring back an Ellis Island type of approach that would only take only a few weeks (or months) for people wanting to enter into US Citizenship instead of the 6 months to a year or more that it currently takes.

In this program they could have paperwork taken care off in a quicker amount of time, maybe it could be possible to do the interview and hand in any paper work all in one day. We could ask for criminal records or do a back ground check our selves at the facility and only let in people who haven't committed big serious crimes so that our legal citizens are safe. I realize crime is already asked about but this seems like an important thing to better help keep crime out if possible. We could also test for possible illnesses and treat them if we find any, as well as give them needed shots to help keep both the new immigrants and our current citizens healthy and safe from any foreign germs/diseases. When on travels, people sometimes get sick from germs that their body isn't used to because these germs don't live in their native homeland, so these treatments and shots would help keep everyone healthier. For example, Europeans made the native American indians sick when they came over to try to colonize the land. They game them smallpox, chicken pox, whooping cough, influenza, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, cholera, measles, and a few other diseases. For a more modern, more relatable, and less severe example; traveling to another state for a convention and getting sick. Lots of people from all over, equals you will likely run into some germs that your immune system is not used to and if its not strong enough to fight it off you will likely get sick.

We could also offer a basic American history class for a small fee along with other basic subjects that might help the immigrants transfer into the united states more comfortably. All these services could be located in the same building and the person who wants to be a citizen could go from step to step to step in only a few visits unless the doctors find a serious disease or if the immigrant wants to take any of the offered classes. We could also have rooms that they could stay in either on the property or near by for them to stay in while they are going though the process of becoming a citizen for another small fee. If they are on property they won't miss any of the the needed steps or days that they are supposed to be there.

I would also say that we should put these types of buildings in several major cities to speed up the process and to give better accessibility to those who need these programs. Not only does it speed up the process but it helps keep already citizens safe from possibly letting in a big criminal or someone with a horrible sickness, and its more money to be made with the fees. However, I do not currently work for the government, so I don't have a say in this. If anyone in government sees this idea, likes this idea and thinks it would benefit many people, then by all means please use my US citizenship process idea. I would love to some credit if it ends up getting used since its my pitch/idea, but I also understand that I probably won't receive any thanks to how the world works. More powerful people in business commonly take smaller people's ideas and claim it as their own.

13. Transport Services

Need a courier to transport drugs, guns, and other illegal items from one place to another? People for hire can be found on the deep web who are willing to do the job for you in exchange for bitcoins.

*I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

14. Hitman For Hire

Want someone dead but don't want to do the dirty work for yourself? On the deep web there are people willing to do the job for you for a fee. Some hitmen are willing to do any job but others are unwilling to kill celebrities, political figures, or any other famous people and some will not kill any one under 18. Fees differ between hitmen as well as locations they are willing to kill people at such as only working in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, ect or the Eastern part of the the world.

* I have never hired a hitman. I don't know who are legit hitmen and who are just scammers. Murder is illegal. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

15. Guns For Sale

Guns are one of the many things that can be bought on black market. There are some black markets that primarily deal with selling guns and a few private black markets that only sell guns. There are some gun sale sites on the surface web as well.

* Buying these guns on the deep web may be illegal since some of the guns for sale are heavy duty guns like assault rifles and machine guns but there are some legal gun options as well; hand guns, rifles, ect. Gun laws vary from place to place so make sure you know your local laws before buying a gun or else you could be in a lot of legal trouble. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

16. Thieves, Goons, Saboteurs For Hire

The internet is a weird place with a lot of unique jobs that people are willing to do for a fee. But then again, who made the internet a weird place? Its people.

* Do I even have to say that hiring any of these people is illegal? I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

17. Private Detectives/investigator & Spying services

Do you need some information about someone? Do you think your wife/husband/partner/lover is cheating on you?Do you have a business that you want to invest into but are worried that it might be a fake/scam business? Do you want to prove that your coworker is really sexually harassing people at work? Do you think that somebody isn't actually injured? A private detective might be able to help you out for a fee on the deep web. Private detectives can also investigate gangs, criminal organizations, and suspected terrorists. Some private detectives specialize in a certain type of investigations and some will only work with professional organizations. Its dangerous work that can take months or even years to get a project done so if you plan to hire a private detective do realize that it won't be cheap nor will it be a quick job.

18. Lawyers For Hire

This is probably a shock to see that there are legal jobs on the deep web, but there are a few lawyers there. Expert Onionland Lawyer is the site for a deep web lawyer who is located in Texas who has been defending deep web clients since 2014.

Expert OnionLand Lawyer: http://vandyke4mvuffjkm.onion

19. Web Site And App Developers

Do you need someone to make you a website on the deep web or surface web? Do you have an idea for a new app or program but don't know how to develop it for your self? There are people that you can hire for these types of jobs. While you can find developers to hire without using the deep web, deep web developers might have more experience with coding. They might also be willing to make you sites that other developers wouldn't want to be apart of because of legal reasons such as the site being used for illegal activities or because its a site about a controversial topic. Its also likely that the average web developer might not know how to develop a deep web website, so clearly you would need to hire someone who is already familiar with the deep web.

One way to make a website for yourself on the deep web is with Hidden Hosting. This site will give you a .onion server for Bitcoins; one of the deep web's most popular currency. Other sites for making a deep web web site are Prometheus, real hosting, TorPages

Hidden Hosting: http://7zzohostingx4mes.onion/

Prometheus: http://prometh5th5t5rfd.onion

Real Hosting: http://ezuwnhj5j6mtk4xr.onion

TorPages: http://m54wkp5ctdpummms.onion

TorShops is place where you can set up your own deep web store. Buyers get their own .onion domain, and a free custom logo. Each shop has a bitcoin wallet feature, message center, and order tracking.

TorShops: http://shopsat2dotfotbs.onion/

Occulus Omega offers both website hosting and private vendor store hosting. For a website they change $45 for three month and $395 for a private vendor store.

Occulus Omega: http://occuomegawqtkl6j.onion

* I have not used any of the above sites to make a website on the deep web nor have I hired any deep web developers. I currently have no need to make any deep web sites. I got these links off a site that shares deep web site links. I trust that site since it has never steered me wrong before. But at the same time, its best to proceed with caution. If you make a site that sells illegal items or offers an illegal service, don't be surprised if you get caught by a government official. While the deep web is a very big place, there are many people who are employed to find illegal activity and take it down. Many people have been arrested for illegal dark web activities wether it be selling items, buying items, doing illegal jobs, or hacking. As always, I am not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

20. Social Media

Surprisingly, you can actually use facebook on the deep web. All you have to do is use its .onion link using Tor and register with your phone number. I'm really not sure why you would want to and I highly doubt it would be the best idea, but its possible.

Deep web facebook link: http://facebookcorewwwi.onion

Another social media site on the deep web is BlackBook. Its based on facebook. You can join groups, add your interests, upload pictures, and make friends. The ads are for dark web black markets and services. Instead of buying clothing, furniture, toys for your kids, and pet, people can buy drugs, guns, and hire hackers. Content discussed is also darker. And fake names are a safety must instead of being penalized for it. For legal reasons, I'm not posting a link to the site. Sorry.

21. Email Services

AnonInbox is a email service for people who wish to be anonymous and want/need privacy. Another option is Anonmail. Anonmail is a pay to use mail storage service that uses asymetric encryption to make messages private while being stored on the anonmail servers. A third option is Onion Mail. Onion Mail uses the Tor network so users can expect higher privacy and anonymity of data. There is also Mail2Tor, Lelantos, and MailPile.

AnonInbox: http://ncikv3i4qfzwy2qy.onion

Anonmail: https://anonmail.biz/

Onion Mail: http://fwb2cosocslxnvtg.onion

Mail2Tor: http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/

Lelantos: http://lelantoss7bcnwbv.onion

MailPile: http://clgs64523yi2bkhz.onion

List of other emails: https://darkwebnews.com/anonymous-email/

22. Instant Messaging

Jabber is an instant messaging (IM) server which is used on the deep web as well a the surface web. Jabber has been around since 1999. However it has been impossible to make a new account since 2013. Another option to use for IMing is JitJat. JitJat is an anonymous instant messenger that is used on the deep web.

JitJat: http://jitjatxmemcaaadp.onion

23. Forums

Since it is the deep web there are some pretty creepy or dark forums out there but there are plenty of friendly forums on the deep web as well. Intel Exchange is a deep web forum that covers world events, money, corruption in the world, diseases, mental issues, science, math, software, hardware, technology and hacking. And Paladin forum is a deep web forum about video games.

Intel Exchange: http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion

Paladin forum: http://xxvxqnbatbidn4tq.onion

24. Blogs

Much like the forums, not everything on the deep web is illegal, creepy or dark. DragonSoul is a blog about dragons that includes art, stories, and videos about dragons. If you want a more serious blog, Salty Planet is a blog about USA, FBI, and Apple news. There was another one what was just art of giraffes. A man made a bet with his friend that he couldn't get a certain amount of pictures of giraffes in a year. The internet helped, ad he made the goal (a hundred or thousand giraffes I think). Now he has a thank you site that shows all the giraffes that he received; digital art, drawings, paintings and sculptures. It shows that the internet can accomplish a lot if we work together.

DragonSoul: http://dragonso4dnzdshp.onion

Salty Planet: http://3redy3uikv2cmd75.onion

25. Yahoo Answers Clone

Hidden Answers is a site on the deep web that is similar to yahoo answers only quite a bit darker. You can ask questions about hacking, drugs, dark markets, money making opportunities, sex, and murder as well as get links for different sites and find out what sites and services are legit.

26. Wiki

The wikipedia on the deep web is called "The Hidden Wiki". This is a good place to learn about controversial topics and find more deep web web sites.

27. This Is Library

Imperial Library has over 85 thousand books that can be read or downloaded. Radical Militant Library is another deep web library. You can go to either of these sites with Tor.

Imperial Library: http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion

Radical Militant Library: http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion/

Have you ever wondered what was in the news in 1788? The Federalist is a collection of 3 different newspapers from 1788 that were all published in New York. The main authors of these papers are; James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. This site can be visited via Tor.

The Federalist: http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/

What about stories about western ideas that are quite a few hundreds of years old? Ever wonder how much we have changed or what we thought was true back then? Our understanding of science, health, and the world around us changes over time as well as what we see as most important so sometimes its interesting to look back in history. This site can be visiting with Tor. Malcom: http://malcolmfwbudjkuj.onion

We fight censorship news/journalism site that will accept articles, videos, and photos that were censored, rejected or put their creators in jail. They are about getting information out there that other sites won't allow.We Fight Censorship: http://3kyl4i7bfdgwelmf.onion/

28. Books & E-Books For Sale

Books and E-books are one of the few legal (or probably legal) things that are sometimes sold of the black Market. Dr D's Market used to sell books along with drugs, electronics, art, food, fireworks and apparel. Acroplolis currently sells E-books and other digital goods along with their illegal items.

29. Videos

Porn, torture/murder videos, paranormal videos, found footage videos, dark/creepy artistic videos, and videos that include codes/secret messages.

30. Music

Deeptune and Deepweb Radio are two places where you can listen to music on the deep web. On Deeptune you can stream and download files. Deepweb Radio is a place where you can listen to music and have discussions in the forum area.

31. Video Games

There are sites for console emulators, downloads for old computer games, and game downloads for retro game consoles. There are also games that were made to play directly on some of the websites on the deep web. Most of these are indie games and flash games. You can also find fan made / hacked games. Any of this can also be found on the clear/surface web.

One of the games on the deep web that is safe for the general public is chess. On the deep web web site called "The Chess" you can play chess online. All you need to do is visit this site wit Tor and make an account and then you can play.

The Chess: http://theches3nacocgsc.onion/

32. Gambling

Do you like slot machines, poker, roulette and other casino games? Some of these site and free and just for fun but a few of them require bit coins for you to make bets. If you decide to play on the sites that require bitcoins, in theory, you could win some real money if you are lucky enough and you can can do this from the comfort of your own home.

33. Chatbots

The clear web has many Ais in which you can talk to; Cleverbot, Eviebot, Boibot, Chimbot (a chimp), Willbot (Willam Shakespeare), and Pewdiebot (Pewdiepie), Chuck Norris Chatbot (He tells Chuck Norris jokes.), Donald Drumpf Bot (Donald Trump) and literally thousands more. On the Deep web there are a few chatbots too. Eliza and VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) are two chatbots that I know to exist on the deep web but there is probably more.

Chat with VIKI via Tor: http://opnju4nyz7wbypme.onion/

So what are chatbots? They are computer programs that you can have conversations with. Many of them are programed with set responses to what you say to them or ask them but some of them learn as they talk to other people. These more advanced chat bot learn how to respond and how to seem more human by their past interactions with anyone who talks with them. However, even with this, they aren't very human. Since there is many answers to someone's name, who they are dating or if they are single, and answers to favorite things the bot will change their answer a lot. One moment its name could be Kyle but then it will say its name is Fred or Cindy. It might ask you your name and then call you a lier because it recalls someone previous with a name different than yours. It might claim to be dating someone then say later on that its single. The Ai might claim to be a fan of Harry Potter but then not know the answer to its favorite Harry Potter character. And because people can be rude online the Ai might learn to be rude as an answer to some questions which wouldn't be good if a little kid was talking to them. You can also expect memes, song lyrics, role playing, random responds that make no sense to the context of the conversation, being asked if you will marry them, and being told that YOU and the robot/computer and they are the human. You might also get asked for your last name, your birthday, and you location including state, town, road, and even house number which might make you feel creeped out.

The true purpose of a chatbot might be to give you tips on beauty, fashion, cooking, health, and various other specific topics. Or they might be used to help you fix a tech issue that you are having. Some chat bots have even been programed to listen to your life issues and try to help you out with them like a therapist would. However most of them are just to have fun random conversations with.

34. Porn

The deep web is sadly the home of many forms of illegal porn sites and forum. The deep web has animal murder porn, human murder porn, bestiality porn (humans having sex with animals), and child porn sites with both photos and videos. Member ship is normally done by invites or payment and people wishing to join might have to post some porn as well to prove that they are not a narc. On the other side of the coin, the USA government has made a few of these illegal porn sites to lure in, catch and jail pedophiles as well as other people breaking the law. They have also closed down quite a few child porn sites in the past. Despite this, there is still many still in operation and they rarely stay closed for too long. Anyone can also sadly watch some of this illegal porn on the surface web too. This stuff is every where.

I should also mention red rooms in this section since many people semi familiar with the deep web will be annoyed that I didn't mention red rooms in here and will accuse me of being a noob who has no idea what they are talking about. *rolls eyes*. Red rooms are a dark web legend, a urban legend, that may or may not exist. They are supposedly a live steam torture and murder experience for the entertainment of its watchers. People pay big money to watch and the person who pays the most gets to decide how the victim is tortured. Some people will swear on their life that this is real and that they have watched it take place. Other people will say that red rooms are either impossible or highly unlikely to exist due to streaming capability on the deep web. Streaming on the deep is not an easy thing to do at all and if they did it would be very shit quality. Nobody would want to pay so much for such bad quality. There is torture porn, gore porn, abuse porn, murder porn, and necrophilia porn that could be watched for free, or for a much smaller fee, that would be of a much higher quality. This live snuff film legend has spread though tv shows, movies, video games, word of mouth, email chain letters, and creepy pasta. In August of 2015, a "real" red room event was supposed to happen. News of this spread over reddit and a few other sites. They were promised a live execution of ISIS prisoners, but instead they got a troll video of bacon on a plate and a fake FBI take down notice. Over the years, a few red room sites have popped up. They have a count down to when the show will begin along with prices for admission and a way to buy access. Are they legit? Probably not. They are likely just taking gullible people's bitcoins (money). Don't bother paying for these expensive scams because you won't likely be getting your money back nor will you get a show.

* I do not watch murder porn, bestiality porn or child porn. Its illegal and very wrong. If anyone asks me for a site recommendation and its in person, I will punch you. I don't care if you're male or female, or if its in private or public, you will get a no holds barred beat down. If its via online, I'm reporting your ass. I have very little patience when it comes to pedophiles, hebephiles, child molesters and animal abusers. Also I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

35. Pedophiles

As mentioned above, the deep web has child porn sites but the pedophile activity doesn't stop there. There are sites for pedophiles looking to have sex with underage people. They add info such as what they want from the younger person, and gender & age range they are looking for. Teens and children could also look for an older lover there or advertise what sexual services they would be willing to do if they really wanted to... Then there is also pedophile forums to have conversations with other pedophiles and ask any questions they have. There are even activist groups that wish to legalize chid porn, lower or get rid of age of consent laws, and get pedophilia to be accepted as a sexual identity instead of a mental disorder so that they can legally have sex with minors.

*As stated above, I hate pedophiles, hebephiles, and child molesters. Don't ask me for site recommendations. I have no issues hurting you or ruining your life. Taking down some horrible and sick people would be a more than fair trade for going to jail for murder.

36. Sex Slavery

Children, teen, and adult sex slaves, you might be able to buy them online. I don't know if any of the sites are legit and I'm not going to buy one to find out.

* I doubt I have to say this but buying a sex slave is illegal and very wrong. Kidnapping and human trafficking is also illegal and wrong. I know this won't make it all stop but, please don't do any of this. I am not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

37. Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement is a non profit community and information source site on the deep web that discusses male sexual health and ways to go about increasing penis size.

*Attention men: The average penis size is 5 to 6 inches. You probably have nothing to worry about because you probably aren't as small as you might think that your are nor do you have to be self conscious about your dick's size. You can make a lover or sexual partner very happy with a penis of average length. In a 2015 US study, 75 women were asked about their dick size preference by using 3D printed models. Result? They preferred men with 6 inch dicks. Guys, you don't have to enlarge your penis and its probably best if you don't. Roberto Cabrera is a man with a 18.9 inch dick. He holds the record for largest penis but he has a hard time holding a job and a even harder time finding any women willing to have sex with him. There is a point in which a dick is seen as too big. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

38. Cannibalism

Cannibal cafe was a place on the internet where people interested in eating the flesh of humans could find willing victims to consume, discuss their cannibalistic fantasies of either eating flesh or being eaten by another person, share stories and art, and get advice about cooking humans. Cannibal cafe ran from 1994 to 2002. Today there are cannibalism sites on both the deep web and surface web in which people talk about their fantasies and find willing meals.

* I am not a cannibal. I have no interest in eating human flesh. I don't want to become a meal. I don't even like thinking about the details. But to me, consent is consent. The law doesn't always see it this way though. Even if its a consensual agreement, quite a few cannibals have been caught, arrested, and jailed. These cases, even when consensual, get treated as manslaughter and murder. Be careful out there. I'm not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

39. Bitcoins

Bit coins are a very popular way to pay for products and services on the deep web. There are many sites in which you can buy bitcoins but they may or may not be legal to buy depending on where you live. Its also a very expensive digital currency to buy and use. 1 bitcoin currently equals $1,284.97 US dollars!

40. Phones And Computers For Sale

Stolen objects, Counterfeits or a completely legal item for sale? Who knows. Mobile store is a site on the deep web where you can by cell phones for Bitcoins and United States dollars. You can also buy these items off Facebook, Amazon, ebay, and many other places online or in person at a store. These are probably safer options.

* I'm not responsible for any trouble you get into on the internet.

41. Jewelry For Sale

Some black markets on the deep web have jewelry for sale. Are they stolen? Are the counterfeits? Are these legal? The seller probably won't tell you. Jewelry can also be bought on the surface web and in person at a store too. Its probably best if you buy jewelry from a store that sells items they obtained legally or from a seller that you trust. While buying second hand from ebay, amazon or from someone you met up with from facebook/Craig's list is a little bit more risky because you don't know 100% where the stuff came from or if it was obtained legally, its still probably safer and cheaper than buying from the deep web.

* I am not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

42. Lab Supplies For Sale

What?! People buy equipment to do science experiments online?! The deep web must love science fairs! Well... actually some items can be used to make drugs or for unethical experiments. Although I guess some people could buy lab supplies on the deep web to use them for their kid's science project or to be used by a certified scientist/doctor. Lab supplies can also be bought on the surface web as well, but it might be difficult to get these legal business to ship their products to your home or apartment.

* I'm not responsible for any trouble you get into online.

43. 3D Printer Files.

On the deep web there are sites that have 3D printer files that can be used to print sculptures, figures, toys and guns.

44. Old, Abandoned, and Obscure Sites

Not everything on the deep web is scary or dangerous. Hopefully you realize that by now. Abandoned fan sites for bands, tv shows, and movies that haven't been updated in many years, old outdated versions of restaurant sites and menus, abandoned blogs and forums that haven't been posted on in years, and tons of random sites that most people don't even realize exists. Anything a standard browser can't get access to or find is considered the deep web and this includes many many many different sites. As I said earlier, the deep web makes up 90% of the internet There is also many broken/dead links on these older web sites.

45. Blank Web Sites

There are quite a few blank/incomplete websites on the deep web. Some have nothing on them, while others might have a sentence. The sentence might have been put up as a test or its a sentence that tells you to go away or says/asks something random or says a simple greeting/hello message. Will any of these sites become something someday? Who knows. I guess time will tell.

46. Secret Codes & Organizations

Hacking groups, activism groups, hate groups, terrorist organizations, religious groups, random groups of people who want to take over the world, and random groups for people with similar interests. Sometimes there are secret codes or puzzles on the surface web and deep web that have been put out by different organizations as a test of sorts to gather more members or share secret information with those they find worthy.

47. The Iluminati?

There is an Iluminati deep web web site. To enter you would need a password to gain access. Illuminati confirmed?

48. Confessional

Do you have any sins to confess? Time to confess is a deep web site in which people can leave confessions and read the confessions of others.

Time to confess: http://secretsxsrvlpawm.onion

49. Deep Web 101

Want to learn more about the dark web? ShadowLife has information about dark web services and black markets as well as deep web news. This is a deep website, so please remember you can't access this with a normal browser. You can use Tor.

Shadow Life:http://shadow7jnzxjkvpz.onion/

A good place to learn more about the deep web and how to use it while on the surface web is dark web news. They have a good guide for beginners that has over 40 articles about deep web surfing and how to safely do it. There is also a small link directory, and articles that cover deep web news.

Dark Web Beginner's guide: https://darkwebnews.com/help-advice/dark-web-beginners-security-guide/

Deep Web link directory: https://darkwebnews.com/deep-web-links/

Deep Web News: https://darkwebnews.com/

50. And Much Much Much More!

The deep web make up 90% of the internet and I have only barely scratched the surface of the deep web. There are likely much more interesting things that I have not yet seen that are worth checking out and much more sites out there to discover.

Would you like to search the deep web for yourself? All you need is a Tor browser and a VPN service to help hide location and internet history. While Tor is secure and offers anonymous internet connection, there is proof that its not to be as trusted as it used to be. According to darkwebnews.com There is evidence that "a great deal of Nodes are being controlled by the NSA" and once they have control, they can find out your identity. The FEDs have also cracked Tor in the past to catch people taking part in illegal activities on the deep web. As an extra step of security, a VPN service is often used.

Once on the deep web, never use your real name or any user names/stage names/pen name/ pseudonym/ nickname in which people could use to identify you as. For example, I been using the names InvaderBethany, InvaderBeth, and Invader Bethany on the surface web and in person since I was in middle school, thats around 10 years of name usage, give or take a year. Many people know me as both these names and even if they didn't, its not secure anyways because Bethany is my real name. If I was using that name on the deep web, it would be one of the stupidest things I could ever do. It would be as stupid as giving out my birth name, a picture, and my address to random strangers out on the street in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, Baltimore, or Gotham city. People on the deep web value their anonymity and privacy even if they aren't doing anything wrong. Respect their privacy and respect your's. It helps keep everyone just a little bit safer. Also don't go looking for anything you can't handle. Some things can't be unseen. Somethings your brain will never forget about even if you wish that it would. Think before you act. And as always, I'm not responsible for any trouble you get into on the deep web.

Tor Browser: https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

VPN Services: https://topvpnsoftware.com/?data1=dwnatvpn

Tails: https://darkwebnews.com/tails-guide/

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