Dear Past...

It seems as if just yesterday I was wrapped up in you, only you were my present then. The days fly by and each day suddenly becomes a distant memory, one after the next. I wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching me so many things.

1. How to be brave

I am going to be honest, I have been through some pretty rough times the past few years. Between struggling with family or injuries, the past few years have seemed to prepare me for what the rest of life has in store. You taught me that you sometimes have to be the strong one for everyone else, no matter how difficult that may prove. I learned to stand my ground and not let people walk all over me because I felt inferior.

2. How to be present

Past, if you have taught me anything, it is to always be present. Some of the best memories I have made have happened because I indulged myself fully into each and every experience. I believe that compassion and energy can go a long way. If you are able to give someone your full attention and show them that you care, that can go a long way. Trust me. In a society where you become seemingly more dependent on technology everyday, it is truly refreshing to see someone give you their attention instead of getting distracted by a cell phone beep or a call. Someone taught me to be present in every moment, so that is a philosophy I truly embody each and every day,

3. How to love

There are times where one may find it hard to love themselves. Everyone struggles with the task of realizing their self- worth, but because of my experiences in the past, I have come to love myself. No one has got it together all the time. It is okay to mess up and make a fool of yourself. As long as you can laugh it off and realize that you are confident in yourself, that is all that matters at the end of the day.

4. How to be loved

I never thought I would be the girl with the boyfriend, until it happened. I met someone who seems to know me better than myself. I never knew what love was like until I met this boy. He is the most incredible person who pushes me to be a better version of myself everyday. Please know that it is okay to let people into your life. I know it may be scary to open your heart and be vulnerable, but the reward of it makes everything worth it. The feeling of having someone have the utmost respect for you at all times is something so unique that I have never experienced before. Love is a crazy feeling, but because of you past, I was able to open my heart and find the man I continue to love today.

Past, we have been through ups and downs together. Sometimes, I felt lost, like I was headed off course. But, you always found a way to bring me back on track. I think about you often, sometimes wishing I could rewind to simpler times and keep hitting the replay button. Unfortunately, that is something that time will not allow me to do. I have learned to use the lessons that you have taught me and build upon them each and everyday. I wanted to thank you for teaching me these four especially important core values that I hold near and dear to my heart. Please always remember that the nostalgia of the past is enticing, but do not let your future pass you by. Make new friends, experience new adventures, find yourself, be inspired, be there for someone else. Embrace the past and use it to propel you into the future.

Thanks for the memories.


A Better Version of Me

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