Dear PETA, Where Are You Now?

Dear PETA, Where Are You Now?

You are not heros.

Dear PETA,

Where are you now? In the past week, wildfires have riddled, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cattle, horses, and numerous other animals are dead or badly burned, not to mention the human lives that were taken trying to save them.

So, I ask you again. Where are you now? You're always there to tell us how wrong our industry is for raising animals to feed the world. I've seen you brand yourselves with hot irons to martyr yourselves for cattle.You are always at the truck stops harassing cattle-pots and at rodeos with your video cameras condemning the industry for its alleged mistreatment of livestock.

Mistreatment? What a joke, just like your organization. People died this week, PETA, right alongside their livestock because they were trying to save them! Where were you when cattle needed moved out of the way of the engulfing flames. Where were you when a dad had to put down his children's beloved horses because they were so badly burned or could not breathe? Where are you as thousands of tons of hay are being rushed to the Texas panhandle to feed the remaining livestock?

You didn't rush into immediate danger to save these animals. Ranchers did. The people you condemn with your bullshit propaganda risked their own lives for their livestock, for their neighbors livestock, for stranger's livestock.

One last time PETA, where are you now? Because if it's still on your high horse when it comes to agriculture, you're not only mistaken but blindly ignorant. Your organization is no hero, it is the epitome of hypocrisy.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals only care when it's convenient, or the cameras are watching.


A Livestock Owner

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Cover Image Credit: Wichita Eagle

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A Letter To My Soulmate...My Dog Jet

Now that we have a new puppy, I wanted to remind Jet of why I love him.

Dear Jet -

I know these past couple weeks have been hard for you since we got our new puppy Sam. He is super energetic and adorable, albeit a bit dumb. He always runs in to you and steals your toys, but you and I both know that deep down it is coming from a place of love and wanting acceptance. But enough about him, this letter is for you.

We have done so much together its hard to list it all: moving to Brazil, binge watching The Royals, sharing food, sleeping on the couch together, suntanning and so much more. I know we have so much more left to do, but now we just have another buddy to join us. Plus, now that I am not living at home don’t you want a companion? I’m just saying.

You will always be my dog not matter what anyone says. I know recently I have been showing more attention to Sam but its just because he needs it, unlike you who knows I love you more then the world. I remember when we first bought you and how tiny you were, I immediately knew you were the one for me. I don’t get why people look for their soulmates in others when everyone can find one in a dog, like I did with you.

There is nothing better then coming home and seeing you two so excited to see me and wagging your tails. I never feel more loved then I do in those moments. Lets be honest, whenever I decide to come home for the weekends it is to see you, and sometimes to see the rents. Moments like when I come home simply remind me that the unconditional love you and I share will never be replicated.

I’m mostly writing this letter to you to simply remind you that you are not forgotten and that you will always be number one in my heart. I know that Sam might feel like competition but I promise you that he is there for you. We wanted to make sure that you always had a companion, a friend, and a confidante in the doggy dog world.

I love you more then anything in the world and simply want the best for you Jet, so please give Sam a chance. You never know you might end up loving him, and even if it is just a ounce of how much I love you, then I will feel like we succeeded.

Lots of Love,

Your Fave Owner Emilia

Cover Image Credit: Gabriela Carrera

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5 Things You ABSOLUTELY Must Know Before You Buy A Guinea Pig

Can you handle all five?

I am here to be the first person to tell you, don't get a guinea pig.

I know, I have two beautiful baby boars, but they are dedication and work. Are you ready for the responsibility that is cage cleanings, floor time, and long life spans? Well, if you can't handle the current checklist, consider your life guinea-pig free.

1. Weekly cage cleanings/cage space

First of all, guineas have to live with one another. One guinea pig will be very lonely and it will be detrimental to its health, so go ahead and prepare yourself for two piggies.

Guinea's need enough space to run, play, eat, sleep, and hide. Not to mention, the cage will need cleaning weekly, if not more often. I currently own a Midwestern Cage for my two guinea pigs, but they require a 1-2 time cleaning a week.

My Midwestern Cage cost around 50 bucks and the bottom green piece needs to be cleaned with a safe deodorizing spray every time it is cleaned out. I also have hidey-huts for my pigs because they have to have the shelter due to their nature.

2. Long life spans/friends forever

This is my baby boy, Ernie. On the left was when we got him back in August. He was just a tiny, baby when we rescued him. On the right is Ernie a couple of weeks ago.

Although these photos are over a couple of months, prepare to have your piggies for 4-6 years. I got both Archie and Ernie when I was 19, so I expect (hopefully) to have them when I am 22-24. Whatever life throws at you, you have to be ready to keep your fur babies for a long time.

3. Picky eaters

They can only eat a variety of veggies that are safe for them. Also, they need a good brand of pellets to satisfy their dietary needs. Not to mention, not every guinea likes the same veggies.

For example, Ernie will eat just about anything, but if you put a carrot in front of him, he will pretend to choke. Archie is the pickier eater. He will not eat squash or zucchini.

And both of them have to have their own separate food. If not, they will fight one another to get the most, so buy two of everything and learn how to properly store it. I use seal tight containers for my bell peppers, corn husks, cucumbers, and lettuce.

P.s. they love a good mixture ("salad").

4. They are not hamsters or mice

See that adorable little baby? That, my friend, is a hamster. They can run on wheels, eat salt licks, and tolerate a lot more than a guinea pig. Guinea pigs can get what is called "bumble foot" if they are improperly taken care off. They can get it from running on wheels too.

Guineas have delicate bodies and temperamental stomachs. They are not allowed certain veggies, salt licks, or lots of jumping (other than the occasional "popcorn" of happiness). They also need reasonable sized tunnels and homes to live in.

5. Not a kid's toy, or a classroom pet

Do not, please, rescue these animals for your children. Guinea pigs need special love and attention. They are not the pet to be thrown in a cage and poked at every once and a while.

If guinea pigs are handled incorrectly, they will let you know by a series of noises. Not to mention, some will bite. My Ernie will take a chunk out of your finger if you touch his stomach. They need to be properly cared for and live in appropriate conditions. They can't sleep in bed with your kids, or be taken on walks.

If you can't handle all of this, seriously, buy a dog instead.

Cover Image Credit: Maggie Riggans

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