Hey Mom, I Love You

My sister Bre and I were talking one day and she told me about an assignment her English professor gave them. Part of the assignment was to write about something that they can't live without, or if gone it would dramatically change their life. Bre and I both decided our mom fit that category. Actually, Bre's exact words were, "I could write a whole book about my mom and it would never be enough." This article may not be a book, but it is a bit about our mom and how much we appreciate her.

Dear Mom,

No matter how many times we tell you we love you, it will never be enough. You have always been our number-one fan. You never let us down, mistreated us, pushed us away, or made us feel like we were less then what we are. No matter what we get into, you are always there to bring us back. We can cry over the same thing and you will still hold us and tell us it is okay.

You are the glue that holds all of us together, and this has been a really tough year. We have needed that glue more than anything this year. But we have survived and we are still surviving, and all of our strength came from you. You taught us how to be strong and brave.

Without you we wouldn't be the women we are today, and even though we tell you over and over, we really do love you. You mean the world to us and we can't imagine doing this crazy life with out you.

We love you, Mom.


Your girls xoxo

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