Dear Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

Dear Last Minute Holiday Shoppers,

Do not believe the hype. I do not hate you just because I work retail. Neither do my coworkers. In fact, the majority of us follow the rule that my mother taught me, "Be nice until it is time to not be nice". If you are nice to us, we are nice to you, and it makes our lives, as well as yours, go smoothly, quickly, and easily. A lot of us simply want to get through our shift, so we can go home, relax, and try to finish up any last minute holiday preparations that we have. During this shopping season, please keep some things in mind.

We workers understand that stuff happens. We will gladly help you with anything. However, please keep in mind that some things are absolutely out of our control. Lines are long, but we are doing the best with what we have. Sometimes, the computer equipment is outdated, and moves at a snail's pace. Other times, people are hired seasonally, to make sure that there are a lot of employees during this busy time. It is easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes they need to ask for help. Other times, they may simply be too new to understand each and every request that is made of them. In the retail world, the old saying "practice makes perfect" rings all too true.

We know you are stressed, but so are we. A lot of times, we are assigned a large amount of tasks, which are very difficult to accomplish during shifts on our slowest days, let alone our busiest. Also, sometimes we are understaffed, as there is no magic crystal ball to predict when and where the rushes will happen. Those of us behind the registers or out and about have no control over this. As previously mentioned, we do the best with what we have.

Also, it is never personal for us. If a coupon does not work on something, it does not work for us employees either. It is not personal. We are simply following the rules. We are merely the messengers of our bosses, who are the messengers of their bosses.

All in all, please remember my mom's rule and try to follow it. If you are nice to us, we will be nice to you. Be nice until it is time to not be nice, and everything will go as smoothly and quickly as it possibly can.

-A retail worker

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