Okay, listen up. No one cares about your political beliefs. Trust me, they don't care about mine either. But seriously, I think I've seen about 50 different renditions of the exact same article shared by Odyssey every other week. We get it, you're a Republican and a Millennial, and in this day and age you're about as rare as mismatching socks.

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of Millennial Republicans. While Ohio State leans more liberal on the scale, the difference between the amount of conservatives and liberals on campus isn't that large. It's nearly even if you actually open your ears and listen to people rather than thinking "I'm the only Republican in my friend group!!! I'm different and I need everyone to know!" Yeah, I rowed in high school, that's pretty different but I don't feel the need to tell everyone I meet that "hey I'm not like everyone else!".

I can commend you on getting your political beliefs out there. Change will never happen if no one expresses what they believe is right, whether that's a Republican or a Democrat sharing their thoughts. I can understand what it's like to feel like your ideas are outnumbered in your surroundings. I was the only Democrat in a house full of Republicans. However, I also grew up in a household that allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings while also fostering healthy discussion about how beliefs are personal and come from experiences that change people. So I got to develop my own views, instead of just believing what my parents believed, and I formed my own thoughts and opinions on the government.

I think we can also agree here, that this country needed changes made. The type of changes we want to see are different no doubt, but they are changes nonetheless. If you voted for Trump, then I'm glad! You exercised your civil rights and you are making an actual difference in the way our country is going. Yeah, I definitely don't agree with you, but I'm happy to see other young people caring so much about where this country is headed in a political sense. I voted too, and even though my candidate didn't win, I still got to cast my very first vote in a presidential election. That's a really big deal no matter who you voted for.

You also don't have to apologize for your beliefs. I don't apologize for mine, so why should you apologize for yours? If you truly believe what you believe, you shouldn't feel like you have to apologize. The only person that can make you feel guilty or upset about your beliefs is you, so if you feel the need to apologize for your beliefs, then you may need to take a look at that.

Here's the kicker though, no one cares that you're a Republican. No one cares that I'm a Democrat! Your views are YOUR views, so I'm glad you have them but you don't have to parade them around the internet unless you're running for public office--which I can almost one hundred percent guarantee you aren't since campaigns haven't started yet and you definitely don't meet the age requirements as a Millennial. We get that you aren't a Democrat and that's great because we need differing opinions. If you think you're few and far between though, you aren't. Most of my friends at school are Republicans, and my school barely sways liberal. One reason you may feel like you're outnumbered so greatly is because I have never seen a Republican protest. If you want to make a change, let your voice be heard in a way that really grabs people's attention.