Dear Generation Y,  Stop Being Flaky And Start Choosing Yes
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Dear Generation Y, Let's Stop Being Flaky And Start Choosing Yes

We only have fear to lose, but everything to gain.

Dear Generation Y, Let's Stop Being Flaky And Start Choosing Yes
"I love my generation, but we are flaky sometimes. I've had several conversations with people my age who say the reason it's so tough to build relationships or keep them going is because we come into them with only half of our hearts sometimes. We like to keep one foot out the door in case a better option comes along.
I used to be guilty of this. I would make plans with someone, but I would be flaky about the confirmation. We'd leave the time or the place open-ended. There were plenty of times when, as the meet-up approached, I'd pray that they would duck out. I'm learning you miss out on a lot of things in life when you are indecisive about your yes. Saying yes and following through builds a lot of character. It makes you a reliable person." ― Hannah Brencher

This generation is full of ghosting, millennials being uncertain about their identity and leaving when you aren't gratified instantly. We're impatient, have high expectations of an ideal life and can't stay with anything long term. Even when you're not sure where something will lead, maybe you should just go for it.

I applied to work at my dream summer camp two summers ago. I wanted nothing more than working at this camp. I waited hopefully, but I got rejected. There were no open slots and no positions offered. I was disappointed and cried some tears of discouragement.

My expectations were crushed and I thought that hope was gone for good.

But something changed this year. Instead of just seeing that as a loss, I wanted to try again. I was afraid of being rejected again but decided to try anyway.

I was gripped by fear but decided I wanted what was on the other side more than comfort it provided me.

Sometimes things scare us because they are the big things that have the potential to change our lives.

We're talking about change for the better, so why don't we just see where it leads? With no huge plans or expectations, I sent in an application again. I was soon put on the waiting list and they ended up offering me a contract a few weeks after that. I'm thrilled to be working the summer in the mountains and to see where this new adventure will take me.

We only have fear to lose, but everything to gain. I lost my fear of trying again. I lost my fear of failing. I am learning to build a life out of what I love and who I love, instead of fear and a life of doing the predictable, safe things.

Be sure of your "yes," but also be open and OK that it may not go just how you think it will.

We make choices monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly. But what kind of choices are we making? Are we building out of fear or love? Both will get stronger with time. We are making or breaking our future with what we choose. Choosing well can bring you closer to where you want to be with every step that you take.

Each decision leads to something, whether it's good or bad. Life is a process of tiny (sometimes seemingly insignificant) choices that add up to where we are now and where we one day will be. Nothing will happen just overnight. It is all a series of choices and chapters in your story.

Even if you're not completely sure yet, maybe you shouldn't just end it.

Hold out for a hot minute. Some of my best friendships started off with an awkward first impression, but we ended up moving past that and onto a deep relationship. Don't leave too early before you see what a person or opportunity really is. Sometimes it takes time, and that time is always worth it. It will show you why you may need to step away, or why you may want to move closer because this is what you've been waiting for.

You aren't at the end of your destination; this could be you arriving at the start of the trip.

Let's not be in such a hurry to figure things out or feel like we've "made it." Let's toss our expectations in the junk folder and not let them control us. Let's choose well, but not let fear make us paranoid about what could go wrong. Let's take a deep breathe and focus on living and loving the life that we are in. Let's say "yes" even when we are scared.

I don't want to miss what is on the other side, but to choose yes. It might be just what I've been looking for all along.

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