Dear Future Partner

Dear Future Partner,

Please know that right now I'm not worried about finding you or even looking for you, and even though I personally am against marriage doesn’t mean I don’t want you or won’t find you someday. I don’t know if I will change my mind about marriage, so I’m sorry if I don’t, maybe we’ll aways be against it too and we just stay partners, I don’t know, but we will figure it out once we get their. Right now I don’t want kids and strongly dislike them, but maybe I will change my mind, but if I don’t, I hope you find yourself ok with that, maybe you won’t even want them either. But I hope you’re the kind of person who respects my decision and sees it from every view, I hope we can make compromises together.

When we are together, please know I am insecure, slightly jealous, have mental illnesses and some ticks that go along with it. If and when I don’t want to do anything or don’t want to even talk, it’s not you it is me and my mental illness. I hope you end up being compassionate, sweet, humble, good to everyone, hard working, focused and driven. I hope, as someone who would date you, you would be able to expect the same of me, as a couple I would expect to see both of us encourage each other and be proud of each other’s accomplishments.

As a person, no matter who you may identify as, know I have anxiety, depression and trust issues. But please know I am currently working on them and I hope you can deal with this in the relationship if such a thing arises and is still present. I would hope as a couple we would be understanding, as I would assume I will be graduated from college and have a psychology degree. I know everything or at least a lot about why people do things and feel things. I would hope you would or at least try understanding as well. I would hope I would find someone who understands that and can be patient with me, even on my struggling days. I also hope you know I’d help you as much as I humanly could when you need it weather you have a mental illness or not.

I hope both of us can say, if we get married neither of us would break our vows and that we stay together forever. I know temptations can be hard, but I hope we are both are human enough to realize we love each other more than someone else. But if it arises that we do love other people, I hope we are honest enough to tell each other and move our separate ways without lying. If we have kids as this point and want to split, we do not let it affect how we raise our children. Of course it will affect the kids in other ways, in which I can only hope you would be willing as I am to help the child as much as possible.

In all honesty, I hope we are the best power couple of our time and that we love each other no matter what’s thrown at us. I hope we can realize our love is the best thing for us, that even though we love each other it won't get in the way and let us be us still. I hope we realize we can love each other, but can still see our friends and have a life of our own and trust each other enough. I promise I will love you and put all my effort in if you are willing to do just the same. I hope you know whoever you are I am on your side every step of the way, I do love you. I wear my heart on my sleeve and if that means it ends in heartbreak so be it. But I promise I’m not crazy and while I'm overprotective and can be jealous, I do not let that get in the way and won’t let it affect anything. I promise I only want what’s best and don't get jealous easily, I am trusting and loving in every way. I hope you can realize that and always remember I am me and I will not bend or mold to fit what you want, so if that’s our intention please don’t get involved with me. I promise to be the best girlfriend and wife I can be for you, I promise with everything and more and I know we can work things out.



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