Dear Future Me

A letter to myself, whether it's in two months or ten years, for what it's worth.

I hope all of those nights losing sleep have finally paid off. I know how badly you wanted that 4.0 and that it would have meant the world to you to be on the President's List, but the Dean's List wasn't too bad. Being a biology major isn't easy, and I know how hard it was to sacrifice the good nights with the amazing memories just to memorize some formula or scientific facts. I hope you still have your priorities straight and are still motivated to become a doctor to change people's lives.

I hope you still have those nights with all of the good times to look back on. What's the point of a life if you don't have the memories of it all? You better have made those girl friends you always wanted, danced on those tables, kissed the wrong boys, and had a lot of laughs. If you weren't put on Yik Yak for "what happened last night" during your college days, what were you doing?! I hope you screenshotted it too, by the way. I hope you lived for all those nights and will forever be grateful for the times you did decide to skip out on studying "just this one time" to have a night to remember.

I hope you have accomplished all of that you have wished to. I know how long your bucket list is as of right now, and I bet it grew even longer as time has passed. Whether it was to go skydiving, get over your irrational fears or to just receive your diploma, I hope all of those are now on a new list of accomplishments rather than merely a bucket list.

I hope you are still dreaming big and working hard for it. I know how hard it is now for you to have a clear mind to stay focus and that you have your troubles and doubts. I hope as time has passed that you have conquered all of those fears, and have instead used them for your own personal gain. I hope things are getting easier as you grow into the young woman you are meant to be. And if they are not, I hope you have figured out how to make things better for you and your life.

I hope you are proud of yourself and not full of regrets. Please don't have me looking back on the things I should have done with self-pity. I'd rather have those "I can't believe I did that" moments, rather than "I wish I would have done that". I hope you took all of those chances you were given and never wasted your own time. Hopefully, your love for yourself is still abundant. I hope you can look in the mirror and smile at what you see, not only for your physical appearance, but also for your self-being.

Lastly, I hope you're aging well and life is treating you real good. "Eating well and living better" should still be your motto, so I hope you're living by it. I hope you're taking good care of yourself whether it be physically or mentally/emotionally. Nurturing yourself into the future has always been important to you, so I hope things have not changed. I hope your self-love has grown and your self-worth has not diminished. I hope the future is treating you well. Please make me proud.

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