An Open Letter To My Younger Self
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Student Life

An Open Letter To My Younger Self

If Only I Would Have Known Then What I Know Now

An Open Letter To My Younger Self
Allison Jordan

Dear Younger Self,

I want to start off by telling you that you've done a pretty good job at this life thing. Sure, you've made countless mistakes, failed a few tests, skipped a class or two, had some regrets and made some bad hair and clothes decisions throughout the years. But overall I have to say, you have done a decently good job getting through life.

You've always been someone who had to learn from your own mistakes instead of those same mistakes of others, and overall... that was okay. There are a few instances where you should have listened to what others told you but hey, that's just who you are. But take it from someone who has been down this same road you're going down now, don't make the same mistakes TWICE, or three times or 20. Learn from a mistake and MOVE ON.

A few other things you should know...

Don't take every little thing so seriously. I promise it's not the end of the world if you send a text that might sound mean, get dumped, dump someone, do bad on a test, hurt someone's feelings, or have a bad game. Those things may seem enormously important right now, but I promise you it's not even a sentence in your book.

Don't think that the people you have in your life now will be the people who will always be in your life. People change, you change, things happen. Not everyone you are friends with in high school will be your friends after you walk across that stage. Some people are just temporary friends and that's okay. Sure it might have been hard to let a few of them go but you'll become a better and stronger person because of it. Others just drift away because your lives go in different directions and that's okay too, not everyone is meant to stay in one place forever.

You haven't met your soulmate yet so don't get so involved with relationships. You are going to meet someone who will totally take your breath away and will make everyone else fade into the distance. So don't get upset when a boy hurts you because soon enough, you are going to meet a man who treats you the way you should have always been treated. Enjoy your youth and don't stress.

Speaking of stress... don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the time you have with the people you have. You never know how much time you have with the ones you love so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your phone down and enjoy the moments.

Don't tell secrets!!! I repeat... DON'T TELL SECRETS!!! Yes, drama will happen and you will hear a thousand different sides to one story but hold in what you hear. It isn't your place to jump into a fight that has nothing to do with you. Walk away!

I will say though, I am proud of you for always sticking up for your friends. That is something not only you, but your friends will always remember. That is a sign of a true friend and that's something you need to hold on to.

If someone is talking crap about you, bite your tongue, but don't let them walk all over you. There are times where you need to stand your ground, and then there are times when you need to walk away. Know the difference.

Don't always worry about what other people think. If someone doesn't like the way you dress or talk or just you in general, that's their problem, not yours. Don't let the opinions of others change the way you see yourself. Trust me, some of those people don't make it far in life and you'll be mad at yourself that you ever let the opinion of someone like that reflect the way you saw yourself.

And in turn, don't make jokes about people. Sure you may think they are harmless and that you don't mean it but things you say can and will hurt people. You don't know what everyone is going through, so think before you speak.

You haven't found yourself yet. You haven't figured out your own style or anything like that yet, but you will. And once you do you will feel like your whole life now makes all the sense in the world.

Take time to stop every once in a while to enjoy the sport that you love because the day will come when it's not a big part of your life. Don't complain about the practices or the conditioning or any of that. Enjoy the sport that you love and have put so much time into. And really think about how it would feel to let it go, and then NEVER let it go. Go as far as you can with it, not worrying how you are going to juggle it with the rest of your life. Just go for it. Because if you don't, you're going to regret it later.

And lastly...

Don't procrastinate as much.

Study hard.

Always appreciate your friends.

Kiss your mom and dad goodnight, every night.

Never go to bed angry.

Tell the people you love that you love them, constantly.

Maybe not eat that last cookie.

Be thankful for those who have helped you along the way... thank those people.

Know that it's okay to be unsure.

And forever love yourself.

You're going to have a great life, just keep your head up.


Your Older Self

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