35 Reasons to be My Other Half
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35 Reasons to be My Other Half

Life will be tough. However, we'll get through it together.

35 Reasons to be My Other Half

Nice to meet you honey! Welcome to the list of "Musts" to be my husband or boyfriend. You have to...

1. Better be able to shake my fathers hand

2. Better love country

3. Love hunting and fishing

4. Love drinking

5. Enjoying each other company

6. Laughing at each other jokes

7. Building each other's lives together

8. Smoking🚬

9. Hearing mostly

10. Mudding

11. Drives a Chevy or Gmc

12. Better work and not sit on your ass all the time.

13. Take care of me... though I can take care of myself.

14. Be successful with your ethics, don't give up.

15. Horseback riding.

16. Long Sunday drives

17. Better be able to tell my father you can take care of his little girl. Or else.

If you cannot handle telling my father that, better know you're getting the gun to your head... kidding.

18. You're not the only guy in my life, sweetie, I'm really close to my brother more than anyone else.

My brother is my best friend. I'm not going to get rid of him for you. My brother means a lot to me.

19. Like really big houses. Log cabins are my favorite though.

20. Have a love for coffee. I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON!

21. Don't drop me because I'm struggling.

22. Be a business person to be honest.

They make a ton of good money.

23. Just get on your feet and take care of yourself!

24. Have a love passion for dogs 🐶

25. Be a bonfire kind of person.

26. Four wheeling

27. Don't be stupid and tell me you can't love me

28. Go out to dinners once in a while.

29. You're going to have to be a working man to spend money on me.

I'm expensive. To my defense, I'm a million bucks.

30. Stand up and be a man. And I'll be your queen! 👑

31. Like long drives, just as much as Sunday drives goes, like taking road trips around the town or country.

32. Help each other out.

33. Be a gentleman.

If you want to shake my fathers hand; you have to at least one of those traits for me to accept.

If you want to shake my brothers hand, you have to have at least have one of traits too. This is the only way to have you a part of my family.

If you want to be apart of this heart of mine, at least have a truck, drink, smoke, coffee loving, country music loving and be hearing. Those are MY must haves.

Don't give up on a daily basis! Don't give up on our marriage. Don't give up on us period. Everyone is stubborn in their own ways. Get to know me before you fall in love. I tend to love my Luke Bryan love more. Sorry not sorry. I do not care if you think it's not right, if you can not handle my obsession with Luke Bryan or handle me in general, get the hell out.

They say college changes you. To be honest, they weren't kidding you. They say life will hit you in the damn face. No lie, it does. I'm ready to get my work life going. I'm ready to be happy. I can't be happy anymore. Im ready to be happy. Some people cannot accept that I'm not following their dreams, to be honest, im sick and tired of people telling me what to do. I'm 18 years old and I want to be happy. Whatever I do, is not your problem. Just enjoy your life and don't get caught up in mine. I love some of my life, sure I fucked up once. We're all fricking human. Again, if you don't let me go, I won't ever learn. Just wait, I'll be out of your lives and on my own to support myself. Again, I probably won't need a man. Then again, it would be nice. I'm only be honest on everything.

Just be okay and I'll accept you for who you are, just have those musts.

Love, your future.

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