I'm not sure what happens to you when you become a mom, but Disney movies really start fucking with you. I have no other way to put it. I don't remember little kid movies ever making me cry once I became a young adult. Sure, Meet The Robinsons was more sad than funny; literally, the t-rex part is the only funny part, but it did not make me cry.

Let's talk about Toy Story 3.

This is where you should insert an expletive hand gesture.

Toy Story came out in 1995, and I didn't cry. I would have been about 6 when I saw the film. It probably stressed me out a little bit being that young with the whole, it got bad, and then it got worse situation. Toy Story 3 just about wrecked me. Maybe it's because those characters are very much a part of my childhood, and some where deep down, I'm quite attached to them. I'm honestly not sure, but that damn pink bear made me impossibly mad! And for Pete's sake, when they all think they're going to die in the incinerator, and they all take each others hands... When Jesse is like, "Buzz, what do we do?", and he just sticks his hand out, I LOST IT!!! Why did they have to make it so intense!? Bless those little pizza planet aliens, though. I knew they weren't dead; it's Toy Story for fuck's sake. Even in that scene when they get scooped off by the bulldozer, Mrs. Potato Head is screaming, "My babies!" Oh god, and the end. THE END. My heart exploded when Andy took those toys to Bonnie. Then he chooses to give her Woody! Just writing this, I'm screaming on the inside. I'm an emotional disaster watching this movie, and I look at my three-year-old twinkie beans, and they are completely not phased a bit.

I'm not the only one. I've made posts about it before on my Facebook account, and I now refuse to watch Inside Out. Apparently, it'll get you too. Stay sharp out there momma bears. I don't see Disney letting up on us anytime soon.