Dear Childhood Best Friend, I Don't Regret Anything

Dear Childhood Best Friend, I Don't Regret Anything

You were there for many of my firsts.


Dear childhood best friend,

We've been through a lot since we were little- since the days we ran around the neighborhood wearing superman capes and made multiple pledges to save the world. The first days of kindergarten were supposed to be absolutely unbearable, but you were there when I needed a partner. You were there for many of my firsts.

My first days of elementary school, my first time riding a bicycle, and you were the reason for my first grounding because of something stupid we did.

I remember the holidays you spent with our family, and the ones I spent with yours. I remember the campfires with our conjoined family and the late summer nights hunting fireflies and our dreams.

But as the day bore on and we got taller and older, and for some strange reason, as the years flew by, it seemed that you were eager for more. I chose to ignore the signs because I believed it was just a part of getting older.

But then the bomb dropped, and you moved to the next school district over and left me hanging.

You found new friends, and as that summer dragged on, I was slowly being forgotten. But as the months wore on I too found my own new friends that I made memories with.

And as you read this, I promise you I don't blame you. Things happen, like me moving away as well and communication becoming desolate and the fact we weren't little kids anymore. But I want to thank you for my childhood memories, which you were in many of them.

I remember the days of superman and making mud pies and they are the best. I hope with your new friends you can make even better memories, ones you can look back on someday and feel nostalgic about that time of your life. But I hope you don't forget our memories too.

Thank you for my childhood, friend, good luck.



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