A Letter To All The Big Brothers That Have A Weird Relationship With Their Little Sister
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A Letter To All The Big Brothers That Have A Weird Relationship With Their Little Sister

Dear big brother.

A Letter To All The Big Brothers That Have A Weird Relationship With Their Little Sister
Kemba Webson

Dear Big Bro,

Ok I know that you hate when I call you that, but hey, isn’t it a little sister’s duty to get on your last nerve every once in a while? I’ve been told on a few occasions that you weren’t exactly happy when Mom and Dad told you that you were getting a little sister and at first, I felt bitter hearing that. Then, they continued with saying that when you saw me, it seemed like your opinion changed and you were pretty happy to have me after all.

As the years went on, you and I bonded over a few things. We would go outside and I’d play goalie so that you could practice soccer or we would put our money together and buy new gaming systems which I ultimately, would only use one time. As the amazing little sister that I am, I would wash your soccer stuff in the sink if you needed it quickly, or make you a grilled cheese for a quarter (you owe me quite a few dollars in quarters by the way). Playing with you could get a little rough sometimes, but I appreciate that it taught me how to fight. Hopefully I’ll never have to use those skills for real.

You started hanging out at home less and less the older you became, but every once in a while you would have your friends over. I can remember a few mornings where I would come downstairs in my pajamas still half asleep and find you playing video games with a friend (now that was embarrassing!). I always knew that you loved me though because even if you weren’t always the nicest to me, when you saw someone treat me wrong, even your own friends, you’d set them straight real quick.

The older we got the less we hung out and then we got to a point where we didn’t even talk that much. However, I knew I could always count on you when I wanted to complain about school things. The benefit of us going to the same high school a few years apart was that all the teachers remembered you, and remembered that they liked you, which meant they liked me too. I could always talk about certain teachers with you and have a great conversation. When you graduated college I missed getting to go to your soccer games and watch you play. I don’t know if you know, but I really do love watching you play.

As far as big brothers go, I’d say you’re pretty good. We aren’t the closest, but I know that if I ever need something you’ll be right there for me. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to hold my own, make a grilled cheese, wash clothes by hand, and to never be surprised by house guests. But most of all, thanks brother for being you.

Love your little sister

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