We all need breaks and when we get them, we justify every part as well deserved. Take fall break for example; everyone is ready for some time off from their regular schedule of homework, gym time, and class. You eat and drink your worries away. Until you get slapped in the face with reality when it's over.

Here's an accurate depiction of how the struggle is all too real getting back in shape after a break or vacation:

1. Monday

Alrighty, it is that famous day of the week where you know you've got way too much to do. You tell yourself you will be productive. YES you already got that workout in, and you're going to kickstart this week by eating shockingly well today.

LIES. Your crazy, unmanageable demands of being a college student cause you to stress and eat your poor little heart out. Hey, at least you went to the gym.

2. Tuesday

It's a new day. Your work is done and there's no need to fret - you made plans in advanced for your workout and healthy meals. There is no way you can screw today up. You get sh*t done, almost kill yourself at the gym, and finish the day with some yoga.

WOW, look at you go.

3. Wednesday

You're feeling less like jello and a little sore from Monday's workout. But, you're ready to keep this thang moving! Hit the gym, do some yoga, and even a walk to move that bod outside and clear the brain. You. Are. Unstoppable.

4. Thursday

You realize you're not iron man. You feel your body telling you to slow down. Do you listen?

Of course not, you were finally back in yo' groove. You ease up a bit on your workout, but still get 'er done. You feel great, but treat yourself to that one late night sweet snack. Did I say one? Oh well, you deserved it.

5. Friday

No. No no no no no. You are dead. You can't feel your body. Why did you do this to yourself. It was all too much, too soon. You still have a ton of homework to catch up on and you can't even lift your arms to type. You go on a brief stroll to try and get yourself focused and find yourself at the gym. You end up working out and going ham. You finish your workout thinking "Where did that come from?!" Maybe you aren't dead after all and are finally on your road of recovery!

6. Saturday

Ah you made it to the weekend. Thank God. You go to yoga and allow yourself to have fun today - it's Saturday after all! You eat well today, and maybe, just maybe, allow yourself to splurge a bit with some friends.

7. Sunday

Today you sleep, eat, and get prepared for an upcoming week. Who knows, you may take a walk, hike, or go to yoga for a breather but you just CAN'T exert a lot of energy today. It's the day of rest! Besides, tomorrow, it begins all over again.

And so we go on through the rest of the semester, getting back in the swing of it all, trying to maintain a balance to feel good about our lives and ourselves.

When is thanksgiving break again?