Dating Should Be Done The Old-Fashioned Way, Without The Apps
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Let's Dump Our Dating Apps And Go Back To The Old-Fashioned Way, Just Like Mom And Dad Did

Learning how to have a love life in the modern age can be confusing.

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Dating these days is weird. OK. Maybe I shouldn't even use the word "dating" because we all know no one actually "dates" each other anymore.

Relationships these days are weird. It's all kind of just one big game and no one really knows what we are doing. "Should I wait 10 mins before I open this Snapchat? Should I send a smiley face with this text or no? He liked my Insta pic does that mean he likes me?"

These are all questions we all (or at least girls) ask themselves (and their friends) every day when dealing with boys and trying to play this game we play called love.

Social media and dating apps have a large impact on how the dating world is today.

When our parents were our age, they had to call each other up on the phone and ask a girl out on a date that included actually going to dinner and a movie, not just going over to the boy's house to pretend to watch a movie. They then could go out on a date with one guy one week, and a different guy the next if they wanted to. Dating meant seeing multiple people and deciding who you like and don't like. What you want and don't want.

There wasn't all of these complications and minor details. It wasn't like how it is now where you go on one date (or I guess hang out one time) and all of the sudden you two are "talking" and you're not allowed to be "talking" to anyone else.

Then there is Tinder which is its whole own thing. Tinder just encompasses everything that is wrong with the dating world today. Everyone is so focused on just finding someone to hook up with one time and move on, that no one wants to take the time anymore to actually get to know each other.

Hooking up with people isn't even enjoyable when you don't like the person, so why do we do this? I have a friend who uses Tinder actively. One time she got a message that literally said: "I want to f*** you then never speak to you again." I'm not kidding. I guess points for honesty? But the point is who wants to willingly go through this? Who thinks this is enjoyable?

This same friend is always complaining that she is lonely and sad and wants a boyfriend. It is not healthy behavior to kill loneliness with meaningless Tinder hookups. These are the bad habits that we all need to learn to break. People can deny it but when it comes down to it, everyone wants someone that actually cares about them and will be there for them no matter what. We will not find these people on Tinder or in Instagram DMs. These are the people we need to go out there and look for the old-fashioned way.

I know it's naive of me to think that at this point in time we could get entire generations to change the way we do things in the dating sphere, but a girl can hope, right? It just gets frustrating to watch after a while and no one wants to see their friends get hurt again and again. If you are serious about trying to find love, delete the Tinder, delete the social media, and put yourself out there to try to find your soulmate the old-fashioned way.

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