Dating Apps: Yay Or Nay?

Dating Apps: Yay Or Nay?

I use dating apps, and it is just for pure fun. Not for SEX. Am I stupid for that?

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I was discussing dating apps with my aunt who is younger than me in front of one of her friends, in which he commented that the people who use dating apps were stupid. I tried not to get offended, but how could I not because I am one of those people using a dating app to see if I could possibly find someone. Am I stupid for it? No, I don't think so.

I have tried dating apps in the past and hated them. The men I met on them were all perverts and wanted nothing but sex. There, I said it. We are all adults here and I think I can talk about this openly. And I blocked those men or ended up deleting the app. Dating apps can be used for hookups, but they are mainly for DATING. That is why they are called Dating Apps.

I didn't join for sex or anything related to the dirty act. I joined the dating service because I am having no luck in my everyday life finding someone. So I am trying this online option. Does this make me stupid? Am I stupid to believe that I could possible find someone outside of my daily life?

I am by no means desperate. I don't need to find someone. I just want to have fun and try dating. I never dated in high school. I was bullied, I have stated this before, so I kept my nose in my beloved books. Now I work a full-time job, about to start school, basically trying to have what you call a life, so being able to go out and share a laugh with someone over a coffee or go to the movies would be great.

So this is what stupid feels like? Having strangers who don't know my past or where I come from message me, wanting to know me and giving me a new beginning. I know to be careful. Stranger danger and all that jazz. Don't worry. Yet it feels great to be able to start fresh with someone. And if I'm stupid or the dating apps are stupid then I guess I am. But I don't believe it.

I do agree that it is stupid when you put on your profile that you don't play games, you are NOT looking for sex and yet there are still guys asking you for nudes or something like that. Those are the people who ruin the fun for the rest of us.

So if anyone is stupid, or needs their butt kicked, it's those perverts.

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