Date Ideas From A-Z
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Date Ideas From A-Z

Do you and your significant other need to be updated on date ideas? No stress! Here are date ideas from A-Z to help spice up your dating life.

Date Ideas From A-Z

Affordable ideas start off at A; an Aquarium, arcade, and art gallery. An aquarium is a perfect way to see some animals you’ve never seen before. What better way to share a special moment with your person? Are you are your partner a little competitive when it comes to games? Go to an arcade! An arcade is a perfect date and will take you to your inner childhood. Ever think about the beautiful pieces of artwork created in the world? Share it with your partner by going to an art gallery.

Brilliant ideas with B, a baseball game, bowling night, and breakfast. A baseball game ensures a good time with baseball game food and an entertaining show. Bowling night brings out your and your partner's competitive side plus you get to wear those awful bowling shoes. Who doesn’t love breakfast food? A breakfast date is a perfect way to enjoy food and also for your partner to take the hint of breakfast in bed.

Charming dates with C by going to a cooking class, a comedy show, and candle making. Learning new recipes is always fun, and a cooking class is perfect for cooking something sweet. Who doesn’t love to laugh? A comedy show is perfect after a hard week of work and will boost your mood. Candle making is fun and infusing your partner's favorite scents will remind you of them even when they are away.

Delightful dates start with D concluding a dance class, a drive-in movie, and dinner and a movie. Want to put a little pep in your step? Go to a dance class and maybe get a little practice for your future wedding. Drive-in-movies are always a classic, you and your partner will be feeling like two teenagers in love again. Dinner and a movie is a classic that never goes out of style.

Exceptional experiences with E with an escape room, exercise class, and an evening stroll. Ever want to put your detective skills to the test? An escape room is perfect to put your stress levels to the test. Excising will bond couples together by breaking a sweat together and still thinking your partner looks adorable. An evening stroll is relaxing but even better with doing it next to someone that you love.

Fantastic dates are next with F at a flea market, festival, and fruit picking. A flea market is a fun way to look at the different types of objects vendors are selling. Festivals are great for listening to music and just let yourselves be free together. Life is sweet, go fruit picking together and I’m sure you’ll find the cutest peach in the patch.

Great ideas start with G with go-karting, golfing, and gardening. Go-karting lets you be free again and reminisce over the times of childhood. Does your partner love Arnold Palmer? Take them to a golf course! Either way, you can brush up on your skills and get a drink or two. Gardening is fun and environmentally friendly! There’s nothing better than doing something fun and getting a healthy meal afterward.

Habitual dates start with H with a hockey match, hiking, and a haunted house. Hockey matches are a super fun way to watch if you wish you could ice skate well and overall love sports. Hiking is a great way to go out there and get active. Haunted houses are perfect for the spooky season and by going with your partner you’ll always have an arm to hold when that creepy clown comes out of nowhere (yikes!).

Incredible dates start with I at ice skating, ice cream, and Ikea shopping. Ice skating works as a fun way to go out there in case you start to fall, your person will be right with you to catch you. Ice cream is a delicious sweet little treat. Want to hint that the next step might be moving in together? Go Ikea shopping together! Ikea is full of great furniture and will ensure some great furniture for your place together.

Just what you need coming in hot at J with jewelry making, jazz show, and jigsaw puzzle. Jewelry-making is a fun way to accessorize and spice up your look. You might even want a handmade ring to propose an idea. Ever wish you could be in a musical? Go to a jazz show to boost your mood. A jigsaw puzzle works as a great way to sharpen those skills.

Kicking it with K at karaoke, knitting class, and kayaking. Ever wish you could sing like Adele? Bash out those tunes and go to a karaoke night! Want to get a sense of what life in thirty years might be like? Go to a knitting class with your partner and get a sense of what it will feel like when you two grow old together. Kayaking is a perfect way to get in some exercise and see the beautiful views of the lake.

Lavishing dates with L at lake day, laser tag, and a live band. Lake days are perfect for reading together, swimming, and relaxing. Laser tag brings out your competitive side with your partner and what better way to feel like kids again? Are you tired of listening to the same sounds? Go see a live band together and enjoy the night listening to a new soundtrack.

Marvoliously M keeps it at mini golf, musicals, and murder mystery dinner. Mini golf is a fun way to bring out your competitive side with fun obstacles. Do both of you have show tunes on repeat? Go see a musical together! What better way to get into a bubbly mood? Do you love watching those crime shows together? Plan a murder mystery dinner and invite a few friends over. Dress up as a character of your choice and bring out those acting skills.

Nothing against N at nacho bar, NBA games, and nightclubbing. Nacho bars are a perfect stay a home dinner night and what better way to have an affordable yet fun date night? Does your partner constantly watch NBA games on the tv? What better way to watch them in person than going to an NBA game? Tired of spending your Saturday nights in with a rom-com on? Go out nightclubbing and let loose together.

Dates that you are obligated to go on with start at O with open mic night, online cooking class, and origami class. Open mic nights bring out a perfect way to harmonize together and spend some time with your significant other singing your favorite songs. Are you tired of eating the same things every night? Spice things up with an online cooking class. There’s no pressure of feeling bad about your cooking skills and it’s a perfect way to cook for each other. Remember those times you made origami in grade school? Get creative and go to an origami class!

Picture perfect P coming in hot with a photoshoot, picnic, and pottery class. Photoshoots are a great way to spice things up. Who doesn’t want a romantic picnic in the park? They set a great date to reminisce over fond memories and eat a perfect-looking charcuterie board. Ever want to try it in the movies? Go to a pottery class and see if you and your partner can make a sculpture or vase together.

Questioning about Q, try quilting, quiz night, and quesadilla night. Quilting is a fun aspect to try together and whether you end up being good or bad at it, it sets a fun way to spend time together. Do you love trivia? Have a quiz night and see who works best under pressure and thinking of random facts. Quesadilla night sets as another amazing way to cook for each other and brush up on those skills.

Ready to roll with R at rock climbing, road trip, and roller skating. Rock climbing takes you back to those days in summer camp and leaves you two exploring a more adventurous side. What better way to bond than spending hours in the car together on a road trip? Despite some conflicts that may arise over who gets the aux cord, a road trip is an excellent opportunity to see the world together. Roller skating takes you back to a much simpler time with a glimpse of teen romance that I’m sure will bring some nostalgia.

Get into the swing of things with S, a spa trip, shopping, and stargazing. Nothing is more relaxing and romantic than having a spa day together. Spend some time soaping up with a massage and face mask with a spa day together. Does your partner constantly wear the same tee shirt with a questionable stain on it? Go out and treat them to a shopping day! Nothing says more fun than shopping and also hinting that they might need a better style. Stargazing is an experience that is a must need. Go out one night and watch the stars together.

Take the day off with T by going thrift store shopping, trampoline park, and tap dance lessons. Thrift stores are a way to re-vamp your style together without having to spend too much money and together you two can try on some of the most ridiculous outfits. Trampoline parks are a fun way to implement some exercise during the day but in a fun way. Do you love classic movies like Singing In The Rain and wish you could tap like that? Go take a tap class together! Even if you miss half of the steps, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun.

Undeniably U is perfect for unwinding at home, UFC matches, and looking at urban art. After a long day of work, nothing beats spending some time together and relaxing at home. Intrigued by how fights in movies look so realistic? Go see a real fight, by watching a UFC match together. Do you love looking at cute decor? Go look at some urban art together and spice up your home together with different parts of your personalities colliding.

A very best date starts with V at vintage shopping, video games, and vegetable picking. Do you love reminiscing about your older relatives' lives and what they were like when they were longer? Go vintage shopping and take a flashback together through history. Constantly playing video games for hours? Take an interest and play video games together and maybe score a point or two. Vegetable picking is a fun way to eat what’s good for you and live a glimpse of being a gardener.

What would you rather do that W by going to a waterpark, wax museum, and a woodworking class? Waterparks are a fun aspect of your day and what better way to lay out in the sun and play out in the water? Ever wanted to meet a celebrity in a way? Go to a wax museum and see a copy of some of your favorite celebrities. Have you always wondered what it was like back in the day to have a woodshop class? Go to a woodworking class and build something cute together.

X marks the spot with an Xbox tournament, X-ploring, and X-men film marathon. Is your partner constantly playing their Xbox? Have an Xbox tournament with them and share their interests. X-ploring is a fun activity to spend more time together in a different setting. An X-men film marathon is a great way to cozy up and just spend a relaxing day together curled up on the couch.

You need to go on a date with Y at yoga, a yard sale, and a yogurt shop. Yoga sets as a relaxing way to physically and spiritually connect with your partner. If you are looking forward to moving out of your house or just have too much stuff? Have a yard sale together and the money you earn can be spent on even more date nights. Yogurt shops are set as a nice sweet treat and can cure the sweet tooth you guys have.

Lastly at Z with zip lining, a zoo trip, and a zodiac reading. Zip lining will bring us more of an adventurous side and conquering your fears together will strengthen your relationship. Do you love watching animal documentaries together? Go on a zoo trip and explore the different types of animals that are there. Do you wonder if the stars are aligning together? Get your zodiac reads together and see what is in store for your future together.

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