Why You Should Date A Girl Who's Shown Livestock

Why You Should Date A Girl Who's Shown Livestock

In case you need 8 more reasons why she's perfect.

Hopefully, you already know just how special your animal-showing-boot-wearing-bling-loving beauty truly is, but just in case here are some more reasons you should date the girl who showed livestock.

1. She's not afraid to get dirty.

Showing livestock isn't all glitz and glam. Honestly, its more dirty boots and animal poop than anything. She isn't scared to get a little dirt under her fingernails, chances are it's not the worst thing that has.

2. She's no stranger to hard work.

To get the banner you have to put in the time and the work first. Nothing good comes to those who wait, and trust me, she doesn't wait.

3. She sure can clean up nice.

Especially if your girl is a showmanship queen. After all, Momma did always say the judges notice everything.

4. She knows how to be gentle and compassionate.

This is a girl who has or does still work with animals very closely. Working with a creature who can't talk to you to tell you what they need or how they're feeling teaches you a lot. A girl who's shown livestock knows when to have a gentle touch and a soothing tongue.

5. She understands the value of a dollar.

Showing livestock is no cheap hobby. Between feed and vet bills or hoping the number the auctioneer is shouting will keep climbing a livestock girl appreciates every penny.

6. She can handle early mornings.

She might not like it, she might not be pleasant til her second or even third cup of coffee, but girls who've shown have seen their fair share of early mornings. Whether it was loading up to trailer out by 4 a.m., waking up every few hours to check on newborns, or being in the barn and having already washed before the sun rises, she's got this morning thing down. Kinda.

7. She's patient and can stay calm under pressure.

Alright, shes in the very first heat of barrows and the very last heat of gilts. Well, then she waits. In the middle of the final drive and that crazy lamb just won't brace. By the look on her face, you'd never know how frustrated she was.

8. She's humble, she's poised, and she's downright a total catch.

After years in the ring, she's learned to win humbly, hold her head high in defeat and still shake the winners hand and you'll never see her happier than she is when one of her friends or loved ones gets that champion slap. What more could you possibly want?

If you weren't sold before, you are now. Personally, I think any man would be lucky to have a woman in his life who's spent most of hers in the show ring. If you're really lucky, you'll win a spot in the final drive of her life, right next to her favorite animal.

Cover Image Credit: Blake Fox

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19. And let's be honest...

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Queer Eye Gifs For Every College Student's Moods

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Queer Eye has taken college campuses by storm. I had no idea who they were when is stepped on campus in August, and now along with 85% of the female population, I am obsessed with five fabulous, gay men who change lives. So it's only fitting to represent my every mood with a Fab Five gif.

When your friends hold your to your plans to go out on Thursday night.

Thirsty Thursday always sounds like a great idea until it's 11:30 and all you want to do is sleep and watch Netflix.

Finding out class is cancelled.

Better than a good morning from any boy ever.

Thinking about another cafeteria meal.

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When your friends are having mental breakdowns.

It happens to the best of us, and whether it's crying in library or at their apartment, you're always there for them.

Watching frat pledges.

From tabletop motivational speeches in the caf or swimming in the fountains, watching pledges are one of the most enjoyable parts of college.

When you actually do make it out on Thirsty Thursday.

Or when High School Musical comes on while you're in the car with your friends.

Trying to make it to your 8:00 AM when you wake up at 8:05.

We have all done the sprint of shame.

When you ace an assignment that you though you bombed.

It is a rare occurrence, but it does happen, and it is the best feeling in the world.

Opening the first page of an exam and realizing you know nothing.

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When your roommate cooks for the first time.

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When you decide to start a project in your room at 3 a.m.

It seems like such a great idea, until the next morning when you wake up in the middle of a disaster covered in glitter and regret.

When your friend finally shows up for class.

It sounds like a great idea to take a class with your friend until they quit coming and you have to sit by yourself.

Making an awful joke and getting actual laughs in return

Being accepted, bad jokes and all is, is what college friends are about.

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