Why You Should Date A Girl Who's Shown Livestock

Why You Should Date A Girl Who's Shown Livestock

In case you need 8 more reasons why she's perfect.

Hopefully, you already know just how special your animal-showing-boot-wearing-bling-loving beauty truly is, but just in case here are some more reasons you should date the girl who showed livestock.

1. She's not afraid to get dirty.

Showing livestock isn't all glitz and glam. Honestly, its more dirty boots and animal poop than anything. She isn't scared to get a little dirt under her fingernails, chances are it's not the worst thing that has.

2. She's no stranger to hard work.

To get the banner you have to put in the time and the work first. Nothing good comes to those who wait, and trust me, she doesn't wait.

3. She sure can clean up nice.

Especially if your girl is a showmanship queen. After all, Momma did always say the judges notice everything.

4. She knows how to be gentle and compassionate.

This is a girl who has or does still work with animals very closely. Working with a creature who can't talk to you to tell you what they need or how they're feeling teaches you a lot. A girl who's shown livestock knows when to have a gentle touch and a soothing tongue.

5. She understands the value of a dollar.

Showing livestock is no cheap hobby. Between feed and vet bills or hoping the number the auctioneer is shouting will keep climbing a livestock girl appreciates every penny.

6. She can handle early mornings.

She might not like it, she might not be pleasant til her second or even third cup of coffee, but girls who've shown have seen their fair share of early mornings. Whether it was loading up to trailer out by 4 a.m., waking up every few hours to check on newborns, or being in the barn and having already washed before the sun rises, she's got this morning thing down. Kinda.

7. She's patient and can stay calm under pressure.

Alright, shes in the very first heat of barrows and the very last heat of gilts. Well, then she waits. In the middle of the final drive and that crazy lamb just won't brace. By the look on her face, you'd never know how frustrated she was.

8. She's humble, she's poised, and she's downright a total catch.

After years in the ring, she's learned to win humbly, hold her head high in defeat and still shake the winners hand and you'll never see her happier than she is when one of her friends or loved ones gets that champion slap. What more could you possibly want?

If you weren't sold before, you are now. Personally, I think any man would be lucky to have a woman in his life who's spent most of hers in the show ring. If you're really lucky, you'll win a spot in the final drive of her life, right next to her favorite animal.

Cover Image Credit: Blake Fox

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Reasons Why We Love SHU

"SHU feels like Home"

Sometimes, people have different reasons for loving something. However, when I interviewed people on why they love Sacred Heart University(SHU), I found a common theme among the responses.

"It’d be my friends because they gave me a sense of 'home' as the transition to a new school/new state/new atmosphere was, for most people, difficult enough. They allowed me to take my mind off the stresses of school and gave me best friends that I’ll forever be grateful for!"
"My favorite part about SHU is my friends because we always have fun together. They make me laugh and are always there for me."

"My favorite part about SHU is meeting new people! I love making friends and seeing new people every day. All of the activities and clubs here make it so easy."

"My friends because they have made SHU feel like home and always make everything better!"

"Friends and people because of the all around niceness of everyone here, even from small things such as holding doors and having manners."

"My favorite part of SHU would definitely have to be the great friends I've made here. Whether it’s having a class together, grabbing a meal, or going out it makes my whole experience here worthwhile."

"My favorite thing about SHU is the close knit community. Everyone is so friendly and involved. It's truly an amazing community. I can walk from one class to another and bump into people I know from class, friends, sorority and just anyone I have met."

"Friends because I get to meet all new people from various different states, and as they say your college friends are your friends for life and I think the bonds with friends I've made here will last a lifetime."

After asking 20 different people from all different friend groups, residence halls, grades, majors, etc., everyone had that common response. The people here at SHU make it so easy to feel at home and welcomed. The community becomes so close knit and you truly feel like you a part of a family here. I think this is definitely a unique quality to Sacred Heart, for I have friends at other schools who tell me all the time that a majority of their school is cliquey and uninviting. Sacred Heart makes the students feel good about their experience here.

I guess the students here really do have heart.

Cover Image Credit: CRJA

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Let's Take The Politics Out Of School Shootings

So, please do not use school shootings as a reason to get in a Facebook fight.

The American dream is to send our beloved children off to school where they can flourish and learn. On the other hand, an important aspect of the American dream is the second amendment.

How shall we move forward so these two aspects of the American dream can coexist?

The answer to that question will not be discovered in my lifetime (or maybe ever). There is no way to save an entire country from horrific events like ones we have seen too many times. So, let’s stop focusing on which is the “correct” way to handle the situation and look at the broader perspective.

This week, social media is flooded with a variety of political opinions after the Florida school shooting that I would rather not explore. I am sure everyone is familiar with the different opinions that unveil after a mass shooting.

Unfortunately, we are too familiar with them.

I am a senior in high school who is hardly involved with politics. Putting political beliefs aside, I focus on the victims’ faces and names. I focus on their families. I focus on a school that will never feel the same.

The kids who passed were not thinking about politics during this tragedy. Rather, they were wondering if they would make it out of a place they considered safe, alive.

This issue is much bigger than a political debate. It is about hate in our world, a lack of love and a disconnect between ourselves and others. It’s not about guns. It’s not about mental illness. It’s about much more.

Rather than pointing the finger, we can all equally share the blame.

When social media turns an issue into a political debate, it’s easy to forget that children aren’t thinking about politics when they see their teacher, coach or friend pass away in front of their eyes.

So please, do us all a favor and don’t use children's dead bodies as a reason to get into a heated Facebook fight. That only spreads the hate. It is counterproductive. Rather than plotting against each other, we need to band together.

Cover Image Credit: Pixbay

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