The Dark Knight Trilogy: A Poem
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Politics and Activism

The Dark Knight Trilogy: A Poem

Poetry based on the film series

The Dark Knight Trilogy: A Poem
DC Comics/Comic Vine

Batman Begins

I’ve seen failure, seen us fall

I’ve seen who’s there to answer the call

I’ve seen dead eyes in city streets

In suburb malls

On college campuses

And high school halls

We all move blank-faced

As “the machine” stalls

We never know

When the gears begin to slow

For the neon will still glow

And the show

Must still go

But I promise you

This is not the end

For why do we fall?

So, that we may pick ourselves back up again

The Dark KNight

They say you either die a hero

or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

But you'd be impressed by what is found in the middle ground

In life’s journey we feel more twists and turns than any beach rollercoaster

More stomach turning events than a Coney Island eating contest

LBJ knew the feeling flying from Dallas

Before that Jackie K knew the feeling with a roof just out of reach

We all knew it on that September day

Young as I was

I knew it was wrong

We were all patriots for a short time

Until the consequences became real

Until it was your relative who felt the cold steel

Nothing’s really changed

That M16 is a glorified sword

The bazooka, a catapult

The tank- the cavalry,

just a few more horses

And the cannons on the armada are now missiles on submarines

But that’s outside the canon we like to believe

And the news won't report it, though what they say is not gospel

We all support it,

despite our best intentions as whistle blowers and leaders in our own community

Now I ask, what good is the whistle to blow when its being shoved down our throat

And we stay stuck in it like a medieval moat

So we all just mope and cast another vote

In this two-party system that Washington warned about

But now we LITERALLY throw his face at it

Fundraiser after fundraiser like that cash cow will become suddenly transparent and honest

Take the truth and bend it until we have Benjamin Franklin origami

What a blend of cultures

A true melting pot

Being constantly watched by a flying robot

While the newscasters drone on and on

Until all our green is gone

And the candidate is still wrong

And we say it’s gone on for TOO LONG

Maybe we've outlived our heroism

Our own drug stronger than any heroin, but still just as dark, and sticks to us like black tar

We are all plagued by the constant following of each and every ism

Truly believing that it could all be cured by catechism

Became the villain and lost the vision

The vision Martin saw.

Mahatma felt.

The vision that left us in awe.

So Jackie I ask you leave, the roof off that car

Let us see the truth

Learn from and fix the mistakes of our youth

And recognize that we need to remove America’s collective infected tooth

And come to grips with our unsightly gap

Build a new bridge, make a new map

Connect us all

Stop the hypocrisy, rebuild democracy, and remove ourselves from the firing range of worldwide mockery.

Flip your coin two-face, see where it lands

But keep an eye on the hands

Of the clock

Because there’s legs to these plans

And a it’s moving its feet

Not much longer before it leaves its seat

I’m not the brains of this operation

But I’ll put my back into it

If someone will front the money

We may hit the ground running and get the wheels spinning

Then we'll be cooking with oil and see ourselves grinning

Because the hero has returned

And new life is just beginning

Dark Knight RIses

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

Celebration of celebrity

Causing execution of brevity

Yet keeps the characters under 170

Everybody claims real

But it’s all fake now

No weapons, no guns

But it’s still a shakedown

Hashtag it

Sad face

Break downs

Took the jokers out

But now we’re all clowns

With a

Snapchat filter

Hella drinks

Knock me off kilter

World stinks

Kill it with febreeze

No bless you

When I sneeze

All that bless you

Is the cheese

No bless you

When you sneeze

No bless you

When you leave

No bless you when you


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