Never Settle For Anything Less Than A Darcy

Get yourself a Darcy!

Now that you've read that first line take a moment and read it again.

Got it? Good.

And if you don’t know who Darcy is, take a moment to feel properly shamed and then read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or watch the film (the one with Kiera Knightly or Colin Firth will do) or any of its adaptations.

Assuming we’re all on the same page on who Darcy is, let’s continue.

But just in case you’re still confused, Fitzwilliam Darcy is one of the most iconic love interests in the history of the romantic novel. His handsome face and wealth are not enough to make up for his rudeness and haughty behavior, and he is quickly rejected by the prideful Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet.

At the end of the book, spoiler alert, Darcy and Lizzie end up together, because despite their many grievances and faults they learn that they were both prideful and prejudiced, and are actually rather compatible. He becomes the man Lizzie desires and she becomes the woman he needs.

For anyone who decided to not read or prefers Mr. Bingley over Mr. Darcy may be wondering why Darcy is matched to our beloved heroine despite her encounters with other suitors along the way. What makes him special? Aside from being made for each other, and the fact that Jane Austen wrote the book that way, there are a lot of reasons why Darcy and Lizzie, despite all the odds end up together. Additionally, unlike her other suitors and for that matter other male characters, Darcy is the only one worthy of making the cut. Wickham is a player, Collins is just plain weird, and Bingley is indecisive. (Yes he comes back for Jane in the end AFTER Darcy gives him the ok)

There’s a lot more to Darcy than meets the eye, despite acting like wallpaper during the first ball and the fact that he’s a fictional character.

It’s easy to get confused, especially when people refer to the “perfect” mate as a Darcy. Tall, dark and handsome with a quizzical brow doesn’t automatically make for a good partner. That’s the thing though, Darcy wasn’t and isn’t perfect. His flaws are made evident constantly throughout. He messes up (the Jane and Bingley fiasco), he says the wrong thing (the worst proposal ever) and he knows how to hold a grudge like no other (Wickham although he deserved it). He’s prideful and prejudiced, but he’s also human. Despite his many mistakes, he learns from them and tries to change.

In fact, the whole reason Lizzie gives Darcy a second chance is because he’s changed.

Secondly, Darcy understands Lizzie. He’s the only character that can match Lizzie’s wit, her fast walking pace and desire for books, the others all fumble in comparison *cough* Wickham and Collins *cough*. Even her sisters don’t understand her like Darcy does. The man wrote her a letter to explain himself and spent countless hours walking with her cause that’s what she likes to do.

Finally, Darcy fights for Lizzie. He doesn’t immediately give up after her rejection. After Lizzie turned down Collins he ran off and found the next girl who would take him: Ms. Charlotte Lucas. Instead of hooking up with Caroline Bingley, Darcy works harder to prove he’s the man worthy of Lizzie’s affection. He reevaluates his stance and when the opportunity arises again for another proposal, he even offers her an out.

So, find yourself a Darcy, not because they’re perfect but because they’re not, because they understand you and because they’ll fight for you. Darcy needed to change as did Lizzie to become the person the other deserves. Even though there’s not a sequel you can bet that Austen would’ve continued the development of these two characters who learned to grow together. And if you’re still not convinced just think about how awful Wickham and Collins are, you don’t want to be the Lydia or Charlotte.

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