'Dante’s Inferno' Gave Me A New Outlook On Life

This semester, I took a course based on the "Inferno" section within Dante Alighieri's, 'The Divine Comedy.' Although this work was written in 1300, the ideas and messages that embody a greater purpose can translate to anyone reading it in the present day. I began reading this poem, with no prior knowledge of what it was about or why there was an entire class dedicated to one mere section of it. Now, nearing the end of this course, I realized that I have fully transformed as a person through the knowledge, lessons and various interpretations that continue to influence me throughout my everyday life.

Throughout my adulthood, I have grappled with anxiety, my spirituality, and my overall purpose in this society. I managed to overthink almost every aspect of my life as a tribulation instead of an opportunity. Most of my anxiety stemmed from concern over potential outside judgments, and after reading and interpreting only a few Cantos within the 'Inferno,' I already started to rethink the way I was living my life. I began to understand how powerful my mind was and began overcoming my angst with a new confidence that I implemented through my actions. I learned that everyone experiences a different journey in which there are struggles and hardships, but each journey is an opportunity to become greater. If a transformed perspective occurs within the mind first, a better attitude, improved productivity, and an overall well being will follow.

I have always been on the quieter side when it comes to conversing amongst a crowd and verbalizing my ideas, which seemed to be a cozy way of life until I was enlightened by Alighieri's work. I became aware of how much my thoughts and opinions mattered in any situation I was in, which slowly influenced me to become more outgoing. I developed an assurance that motivated me to verbalize and interact with the world around me. This new perception concerning my significance as a being led me to express my emotions, point of view and personality more than I ever did throughout my life.

Although 'The Divine Comedy' focuses on a man's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, you do not have to be religious to read or be impacted by the work. Every soul that is encountered throughout the 'Inferno' canticle provides a humanizing dynamic to sin and relays how the actions of every individual have a greater impact than what we may think. This long poem embodies mistakes, adversities, and enlightenment in order for readers to grasp their own sense of moral righteousness.

Dante Alighieri's, 'The Divine Comedy' impacted my sense of spirituality and fate, the way I express myself and my motives in each present moment. If you immerse yourself in a copy of this composition, you are bound to relate and be inspired by the journey of one's soul.

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