As a writer, you have to be more dramatic with the things you say. Nobody ever discusses the consequences in doing so though.

I can take the most boring, uneventful thing and make it sound like the most exciting event to happen all week, but with that comes a lot of exaggeration. That's what writers do. We're passionate about our work and we know that we have to add flair in order to get people to read it.

We don't think about what may happen when we write about something personal, how our loved ones will react, or even how our friends will feel after reading it. Of course, we want their approval but our main goal is reaching a wide audience. We make things better or worse than they seem and sometimes it makes people worry… A LOT.

Sometimes, we even write when we're upset, submit it, and then completely disregard how it makes others feel. I know I've upset people with some of the things I've written and when I've gone back and re-read it I wish I could change it.

That's what's so scary about writing when you're upset- it makes you say things that you normally wouldn't say. It makes you bring out emotions that you normally wouldn't share on such a public platform. It definitely makes people worry, even when that's not your intention.

Nobody ever talks about how something you write could publish your relationships with your friends, families, or significant others. When it comes to reading, it's so open to interpretation. I could mean to say something one way, and another person could interpret it differently. As writers, we have to work so hard to make sure what we want to say is clear and not something someone could interpret the wrong way.

Another thing people don't seem to understand is that we don't always write about things in our own lives. We could be writing about a friend or loved one, but make it seem like we're going through it to make ourselves seem more relatable and human. Those are the articles that seem to make people worry the most. we write about depression and everyone assumes it's ourselves we're writing about.

Writing makes us vulnerable. Publishing it makes us even more vulnerable. We put our work out there for anyone to read. We put pieces of ourselves in every single article we write and it's honestly terrifying knowing that people will see it, read it, and form their opinions of us based on one or two articles.

It's not for everyone. It causes questions from loved ones and strangers. Questions that sometimes, we don't know how to answer. Sometimes, you'll make people worry because you write about a serious topic like mental or physical health.

But nothing is better than knowing that your writings resonate with SOMEONE. When you know that your piece meant something to somebody, it makes you feel invincible. when your articles help someone, it makes you feel even better.

Know the dangers, but also allow yourself to be open to the chance of making someone feel not so alone. Being a passionate writer is a blessing and a curse. It's just up to you to decide whether you want the bad to outweigh the good and stop you from potentially changing the world.