So you've befriended a female cancer? Or maybe you're cautious to? Here's the truth about having one as a close friend:

1. She's moody.

Number one characteristic anyone can give about a cancer is their moodiness. They're the crabs of the zodiac for a reason!

2. If you guys are true friends, to her, you’re her family.

Cancers protect their family like no other, and if we consider you family, we treat you like you're our blood.

3. She’s honest.

Cancers want the best for our friends, and if being honest means saying something you might not agree with, we do this out of love. No one wants a friend who would lie to them just to make them feel good, right?

4. She may be a homebody.

This differs from person to person, but cancers do enjoy alone time. You'll have to invite this one out if you want to hang with her, but each time you do hang out it'll be well worth it.

5. She gives great advice.

She may not take her own advice, but is great at giving it. Cancers observe before they take action, so she sees things before they even happen.

6. You probably thought she was mean at first.

Being a crab, it's not hard to identify her hard shell, but once you get to know us, cancers have kind personalities.

7. She’s compassionate and empathetic.

If you ever have a problem or need someone to talk to, she will gladly be there for you!

At the end of the day, us Cancers have your best interest and love you with all of our hearts. We may be a little moody and spontaneous, but in the best way possible!