There’s a saying that says, “Women marry men like their father,” and while they can also marry men far from their father, that is not the case for me. I would be extremely lucky to marry a man like my dad. He is the whole package plus a little more.

Reason one:

He is unselfish. He never thinks twice about putting the family before himself. Whether it is something as simple as trading meals with one of us because we don’t like what we ordered, or taking the day off of work to drive one of us somewhere, he does it without any hesitation. His unselfishness is what makes this family run as smoothly as it does.

Reason two:

He is funny (sometimes). I get my sense of humor from my dad, so I guess I’m obligated to say he is funny. He has the ability to make my mom laugh uncontrollably, something I admire in their relationship. He will crack a joke to lighten the mood or once the joke is over, but his humor is what keeps the family on their toes.

Reason three:

He is supportive. Growing up, between my sister and I, we had a lot of basketball and soccer games to attend. And out of all of those games, there is only a handful he did not attend. He was the first person to be outside rebounding and teaching when we were shooting hoops. He was the one to drive us to every sporting event, no matter how early or far the game was, and he was always the calming voice of reason after the contest was over. He is our biggest fan.

Reason four:

He is a good husband. When it comes to having a solid, loving, respectful, attractive, humorous, and hard-working husband, he fits all of the categories. He loves my mom unconditionally and it shows in his actions. He is beyond patient with our family, especially my mom, when she wants to do something he is not interested in doing (shopping). He brings her water constantly from downstairs when she is upstairs, where instead of yelling his name, she could get it. He does it without any grief. He does a lot of things without grief. He rarely complains about anything, like when he sets a time to leave and my mom is not ready to go.

Reason five:

He is the best dad I could ever ask for. I can’t imagine my life without my dad in it. He keeps me balanced. His patience is one of the reasons I am so patient. His humor is the reason I am so humorous. His unselfishness is a reason I am so unselfish. I am a person who resembles my father, looks and personality, and I could not be more thankful for that.

I will not settle for anything less in a husband and father than my dad.