Cybertherapy Is The New Way Millennials Are Coping With Their Life

Cybertherapy Is The New Way Millennials Are Coping With Their Life

It's the leading resource for improving mental health.


Regardless of occupation-- accountant, doctor, student, blogger-- people get stressed! And for those, we like to deem as "millennials" life isn't getting any easier. Most of this generation is currently seeking lifetime careers, settling down, and trying to make a living for themselves.

With today's market for housing and pricing, however, this is getting even harder. According to a Forbes article, depression has increased in teens and millennials the most over the last 4 years. So how are we treating these issues? How are we creating more access to resources and therapy?

Over the last 10-15 years, there has been a new trend on the rise known as cyber-therapy, or telehealth. This new form of treatment is exactly what it sounds like—therapy on the internet. There are many websites, apps, and phone lines with professionally licensed counselors right on the other end. Many young adults, after heading to college or moving out, no longer have health care. Well, no need with cybertherapy.

Many organizations just charge a small monthly fee and you're free to chat and discuss anything that is on your mind. These counselors are there to help and are trained, licensed psychologists and psychiatrists.

How in the world is that gonna help? Well, studies show that online counseling is just as, if not more, effective as face-to-face therapy, ESPECIALLY with young adults. People tend to be more vulnerable when they don't see another person sitting across the room from them, and feel more open to sharing thoughts and opinion.

So many people today throw this stigma on millennials and young adults that they are being consumed by their phones and technology, but what if that same life-consuming object is just the thing that saves them?

people on cell phones

Obviously, there are going to be some downfalls of this new outlet, including the fact that non-verbal cues become absent when typing or texting, but one interesting detail about cyber-therapy is the fact that you can go back and reread all your sessions and conversations from previous meetings and chats. You have an entire domain to see your transformations and recognize progress within your own mental health.

If you're interested in cyber-therapy or want to know more, here are some websites that provide counseling: Talk Space, Better Help and Breakthrough.

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