Anyone who has worked in retail knows what sometimes customers just love to joke around with the cashiers and other associates. They're either just trying to have some fun and lighten the mood or they're just trying to be an ass. Either way, customers are usually never as funny as they think they are. Associates who work in retail hear some of the same things day in and day out to the point where certain "Jokes" and remarks are forever burned into their brains. I struggle every single day at work not to roll my eyes and make a rude remark towards certain remarks customers make. Here are some of most universal that most retail workers hear.

"It's not scanning? Well, it must be free right?"

Yes, that is totally how it works. I'm going to give you this item for free just because it doesn't scan. It's like we threw it on the shelves just to get rid of it. We don't need to make a profit off of the items we have on the shelves!

"I get the senior discount right?"

Movie theaters offer a senior discount. Some restaurants offer a senior discount. However, there are a lot of places that do not. For example, Publix, which is where I work. I get this joke a lot from people that already know we don't offer a senior discount on groceries. Even employees don't get a discount.

"Wow, am I the last one here? I must be special!"

This applies to the customers who know they're in the store well past closing. They think they're so entitled and that their needs are above that of everyone else, especially the associates. Well, I've got news for you! Those people working really late to serve you? They have lives too.

"Oh yeah, I have to pay you, don't I?"

Yes, that is how goods and services work.

These are few of many moments that retail workers hear multiple times a day that make us all cringe. Then sometimes specific instances happen to individual employees that require context, yet can be understood by all retail workers as just another customer trying to be funny when they're not. For example, certain instances when customers bring their kids with them.

While most of the time, customers are just being stupid rather than trying to be funny, there are still plenty of moments most retail workers can relate to when it comes to unfunny customers.

If you do not work retail, please remember this when you go into any retail establishment. I guarantee if you don't try to use one of the jokes I've listed, you'll be liked a lot better. Be a good customer.