*Contains spoilers*

It's not something we think about everyday, but ever since I started to take American Sign Language in college, I've become more sensitive to the Deaf community.

While Creed II does have its moments where it accurately depicts a deaf person, the movie does a poor job of portraying that it isn't a bad thing to be deaf. The only moment like this is when Rocky says, "Don't feel sorry for her because she won't feel sorry for herself." This is 1000% true because most deaf people don't see being deaf as a bad thing.

I think the biggest mis-portrayal of the Deaf community comes when Adonis Creed's girlfriend (who is deaf) asks, "What if the baby is deaf? What if it's genetic?" Like I said, deaf people wouldn't care, so why even have this written in the script?

I would have also liked to see more sign language in this movie. There was only a few instances when Bianca signed. I would have also liked to see Adonis sign back to Bianca.

I also didn't like seeing them put hearing aids on a baby. I may just be more sensitive towards this since I've had a deaf teacher, but like I said, deaf people don't care.

The accuracy of the Deaf community in this movie isn't accurate, and if we're going to be including deaf characters in movies, it's time we start representing them properly.