11 Workouts You Can Do At Home
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11 Creative Workouts You Can Do At Home, Because You CAN Stay Fit During A Quarantine

Dog yoga has never been more convenient!

11 Creative Workouts You Can Do At Home, Because You CAN Stay Fit During A Quarantine

There is a lot happening in our nation right now, most specifically COVID-19, the coronavirus that's caused many of us to work from home, cancel social gatherings, and go a little bit stir crazy with all this newfound spare time. While it is recommended that you do not go to the gym or fitness studios (where surfaces to spread the virus are plentiful), there are plenty of fun ways to stay fit from the comfort of your own home!

1. Practice your somersaults

Before you get out of bed in the morning, it's time to work on your tumbling! By the end of this stay-in-your-house-or-else period, hopefully, you'll have that somersault perfected!

2. Run around your block as fast as you can 

Fresh air is good for your lungs, no socializing with other humans required! Hit the pavement and sprint around the block to get the blood pumping before you watch another nine hours of "The Office."

3. Couch Pilates

Your couch may not be the same as a reformer, but the surface height will inspire the same vibe. Side plank, ready go!

4. Work on that handstand 

You have all these empty walls that your mom really wanted you to decorate, might as well put them to good use! Use your wall to catch your back and up you go!

Pro tip: Don't pick the wall you share with your neighbor.

5. Pet yoga 

Is your pet beginning to wonder why you're suddenly around all the time? Time to include them in your workout! You can have your very own pet yoga session, all you need is yourself and your fury friend!

6. Watch and workout

If you still can't pry yourself away from the TV, I get it. There are just too many things to watch! We strongly recommend "To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You," or any of "The Bachelor" seasons. Pick your favorite show and check out a coordinating workout challenge!

7. Truth or dare

If you aren't playing fitness truth or dare with your roommate, are you really practicing good quarantine habits? From crunches to another lap around the block, this

8. Silent rave 

If you're trying to stay in, chances are high your neighbors are following the same practice. Pop in your headphones and let the dance party commence!

9. Learn all the group dances

Look, I'm not here to judge those who don't know "The Cha-Cha Slide" by heart, but now would be the appropriate time to learn. Pick out a group dance songs playlist and get to work — you'll be in prime shape come wedding season.

10. Pick up your heaviest books (over and over again) 

Don't have a fancy home gym in your building? No problem. Grab your biggest books and just start lifting them over your head. Don't have books? That sounds like a personal problem.

11. Watch your favorite comedy special

Have you seen John Mulaney's newest special? That's the kind of belly-laughter that is sure to produce abs.

If you're looking for more traditional (and incredibly effective) home workouts, check out these 15 exercises!

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