Your life is filled with days that can either bring you to your lowest points or bring you to your highest highs, but when you begin to focus on the lowest points in your life, you begin to live every day feeling pained or extremely reluctant to live life to the fullest. Any mental illness issues aside, understanding that your days should be filled with a positive mindset rather than a critical one is necessary for you to create a space where you could feel genuinely happy. Creating a space where you feel your happiest is necessary and these five things will help you:

1. Understanding Your Past Mistakes and Changing Yourself Positively

It is human to make mistakes, but if you continuously make the same mistakes and do nothing about it, you will continue to live a negative lifestyle. It is necessary that you understand the mistakes on your part and move forward in a positive direction so you do not make those same mistakes again.

2. Letting Go of Individuals Who Wronged You or Were Toxic

The people who surround yourself with are the individuals who will either bring you down or lift you up. If you realize someone is not giving you the amount of love and positivity you need, it is time to let them go. Understand what benefits you in the long run, and if you see an individual bringing you down, it is necessary you get rid of them so you have the potential to lift yourself up

3. Having People in Your Life Who Truly Value You and Appreciate You

You could have a million friends, but if you do not have a group of people who respond to your every text message or check up on you, you would be lonely in the long run. Create relationships that are built to last and that you never doubt. These people will be there for you in your hardest moments and bring you to a positive space.

4. Putting Yourself First

Putting yourself first is something that every individual needs to learn to be truly happy. If you never put yourself first, you are not living a life for you, but for other people. But, this does not mean you have to be completely selfish. Its necessary to understand the boundaries where you should be selfish or selfless.

5. Turn Everything Negative That You Went Through Into A Positive One

Somehow negative experiences stick a little bit harder on us than positive ones. These negative experiences are what drive us to a point where we feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us. When we begin to turn these negative experiences into a learning experience, or something that we can voice to other to help them grow, it is then we make these negative experiences into positive ones.

Understanding that your life is based on the decisions you make is necessary for you to live a happier life. Create a life where you did everything to make every day a positive one, rather than living life with doubts and negativity.