Crashing Through Life
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Crashing Through Life

Every moment counts, every bit of focus is necessary.

Crashing Through Life

Recently I watched a video of all these car wrecks that people experience because of drivers texting, running red lights, speeding around a curve even... I thought maybe sharing my experience will put things into perspective because honestly it scared me.

Right after I got my drivers license which I always told my parents I wasn't ready for, I had it for a few months before I rear ended someone, which caused me now to be scared every time I see red lights in front of me. Have you ever noticed the people that see someone stopping in front of them and you can see their body tense, or they immediately slam to a stop, that was me for a number of months after my first wreck... it traumatizes people. That wreck however was not the end, or even close to the amount of fear and caution that I now have whenever driving.

Early 2014 I wrecked my car, I was tired and hadn't gotten enough sleep and it felt like I was drifting. My eyes suddenly closed and I couldn't pry them open I hit the speed strip and the sound made me jump, I looked over in fright and there was a barrier right next to me so I ripped the steering wheel. Little did I know that it would hit the speed strip and just the perfect angle and cause me to lose control. The car started swaying back and forth on the road, I tried to gain control and finally gave up there was no stopping the following event. I did at least three 360 degree spins before the rear of my car hit the metal barrier in the median on the highway, I spun again and went under the metal railing out into the opposite side of the highway and back 60 feet before I stopped. The siding of my car was ripped off, the windshield and wipers were destroyed, and I still don't know how I actually survived it other than a miracle. I share these experiences, because its a miracle that I am alive, and in a split second something can go wrong. Texting is not more important than your life, or the conversation with your best friend. I always fear what can happen even though I am in control, the second you pick up a phone or look away, you are OUT OF CONTROL. Do not let distractions cost you your life, I am glad that my lack of sleep didn't cost me mine.

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