Coveted Nap Locations On Campus
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Coveted Nap Locations On Campus

Everyone loves a good nap.

Coveted Nap Locations On Campus
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Who does not love a nice nap, whether only for 15 minutes or an hour? In college, it seems as though we subsist off these short bursts of relaxation amidst the hectic and stressful hours of class, studying, homework, jobs, and life. So, the real and more important question is: where do people go to take naps? Are there any quality "hiding spots" where you can really get some zzz's?

1. Library

The library is, of course, meant for studying and getting work done, but sometimes you need to improvise with what you have at hand. I have taken naps in libraries and it is not always the most comfortable. However, it is never loud and no one wakes you for something. This is a good option for tight schedules and you cannot go back to your room on campus; you might even nap here during study sessions and need a little break.

2. On Fields

In fall, spring, and oddly right now, open air spaces like a large patch grass, a field, or hill work work perfectly well for a nice, sunny day. Since it has been usually warm lately, go ahead and take advantage of this time to sleep on a beach towel outside. Get some fresh air and much needed vitamin D! Stress can suck all the energy out of your mind and body, but resting restores you. Laying outside, with the sun on your face, can help counteract stress and depression especially if you are not used to the cold and dark winter months up north. No one is going to blame you for taking a nap outside on the ground. They will probably be a little jealous at how nice it looks.

3. Hall Lounges

On most halls, there are lounges for people to work and hang out together in. This is can be nice space to bombard at the right times of day because people will be in class or out. It is usually pretty quiet here, depending on the hall, but you can get away with it for a little while and you will be comfortable on the couches in there along with the heater nearby to keep you warm.

4. Cafeteria

Although it is almost always loud in cafeterias, there are lulls during the day and if you happen to fall asleep at a table, you can get away with a little nap before someone else may need it. Sometimes, similar to what happens when eating Thanksgiving turkey, we can get sleepy and the best option is dozing off right after lunch.

5. Under Tables

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have taken naps on couches and honestly, under a nice table before. It is not the most comfortable, but when you have been studying or working for so long that you cannot concentrate, this is a sign that rest is needed. Leaving to go back to your room can take time, especially if you have a class soon after, so why not take advantage of open space?

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