When you give a girl a cousin

There will be a lot of things that change throughout your life but one thing is certain; your forever bond with your cousins will never change.

1. You give her lifelong best friends

Need I say more?

2. You give her travel buddies

This past summer we went on a road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Clearwater Beach, Florida, and boy am I grateful I had them to keep me company!

3. You give her siblings

More specifically, for those who are an only child.

4. You give her endless laughs

You never seem to be surprised at the funniest things that they do! After all, they most definitely learned it from you.

5. You give her, her biggest fan

One of the best parts about having a close immediate family is being able to be there for most, if not all, of their extracurricular activities and sports events.

6. You give her partners in crime

Having a cousin means there will always be somebody there who has your back, unconditionally.

7. You give her somebody to give all of her old clothes too

This means a lot of Victoria's Secret Pink sweatshirts, t-shirts, purses, and anything else they want, really.

8. You give her somebody who understands

Whether it's our family, friends, or anything in between, if there's anything I understand, it's what you're going through. I've been there, too.

9. You give her somebody to play with

Growing up you may have even used your baby cousins as your own dolls, with major precaution of course.

10. You give her memories that last a lifetime

From vacations, sleepovers, and holidays, there is nothing you value more than time spent together.

Having a cousin is the best gift a girl could have. Having four of them is the biggest blessing I could have ever received.

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