If you didn't want to gag before this moment, just wait, you'll be feeling it soon. These are some of the cutest, gag-worthy dates from multiple REAL couples I know.

1. Together for 29 years, 49 years old


Our first "real" date. We got dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant. He had never eaten in a restaurant with multiple forks at the setting before. Afterward, we stopped by a park and danced under the moonlight in the parking lot. I didn't know at the time that he really hates dancing. It was romantic that night but made even more so as I got to know him and knew how much that was out of character for him.

2. Together for 2 years, 19 years old


We don't have the opportunity to go on many dates because we're in a long distance relationship. But I think my favorite is when we went to an escape room in Cincinnati when he came to visit me at college this semester. It was a lot of fun to try and solve this puzzle with him (because we're nerds and both like puzzles/mind games), and I liked seeing how we thought differently about different things.

3. Together for 1.5 years, 19 years old


Our most memorable date was when we were on a class trip. Our class went on a cruise. One night on the cruise we went mini golfing. I'm already horrible at mini golf, but to make matters worse it was almost pitch black. So after we went mini golfing we wandered up to one of the higher decks (I want to say they called it the star deck). There was music playing and we were being goofy, but then he just sorta held out his hand and we started dancing. It was just the two of us up there, and it was absolutely the best.

4. Together for 4 years, 19 years old


Our most memorable date, in my opinion, was our second Valentine's Day date when we went to Pizza Hut. Just seeing how sweet he was and him not making fun of me for eating more than I should have was just amazing.

5. Together for 4 years, 18 years old


We went to the park for a walk, completely got off our phones and focused on each other. It was simple but nice. The elaborate dates aren't as intimate. For this specific one, everything was perfect. The weather, the sky, and it was peaceful.

6. Together for 29 years, 49 years old


We were college students, so we didn't have a lot of money. He bought me a shell ring at King's Island with the intention of proposing that day, but we were with another couple and the woman in that relationship was really pushing to get married. [My significant other] was afraid he would upset her and ruin our trip if he proposed to me while we were there. The next week he came down with mono. I took care of him every single day. One of those days when his fever was high and he was lying in bed, he said, "You're so good to me and I love you so much, will you marry me?" I thought he was delirious and wouldn't say yes until he was healthy again. Then, ironically, I lost the shell ring in the hotel room on our honeymoon. For our 15th wedding anniversary, he bought me a gross (144) of those rings in different sizes from eBay so I would never be without one again. (FYI I got a diamond on our 10th anniversary)

7. Together for 4 years, 18 years old


When we first met, he walked from one side of town (in the literally freezing winter) to the other to bring me chocolates and a card (he didn't have a car at the time). It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me! He didn't even know me and did that. He also brought one for my friend who I was staying with to be nice. Right when he got there, I got so excited, I went jumped off the bed and fell... I ended up getting a trash can lid stuck on my butt! Then when he went to leave, he wanted a hug. I was so scared to hug him because I had started my period that day and thought I smelled bad. So, I wouldn't hug him. To this day he picks on me for not giving him a hug after he walked all that way in the cold to meet me and give me chocolates and a card!

8. Together for 1.5 years, 22 years old


We went on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. It was a first for both of us, and it was delicious! Afterward, we were walking around the shopping center and we went into a jewelry store. The sales associate convinced us to pick out a ring so...yeah I have my engagement ring chosen, now we're just waiting for the proposal!

9. 3.5 years together, 22 years old


Since we met online and he lived in a different state at the time (he was in the military), when we first met face to face after being in a relationship we went on our very first date to Denny's. The exact moment I knew I loved him was when I was throwing a straw paper at him, then he just looked up, smiled at me and said I looked beautiful. That's when I said I love you for the first time to his face. And he reciprocated it!

So by now, you're either crying because you're #foreveralone or you're missing your significant other.

Either way, grab some tissues and chocolates because there's no lack of love in this world.

And honestly, thank God for that.