11 Halloween Costumes For You And Your Dog
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11 Halloween Couple Costumes For Girls Who Are Single AF But Have A Dog


11 Halloween Couple Costumes For Girls Who Are Single AF But Have A Dog

Halloween is the greatest time of year! Aside from the scary movies and festive date ideas, another great part of the season is the costumes! I love dressing up as someone else for an evening! It's so fun!

But being single doesn't mean you can't dress up with someone in a "couple's" costume. Especially if you're a dog parent. Here are 11 Halloween costume options for you and your furry friend to consider this season.

2. Cheerleader and athlete.


- Jersey

This is by far the cheapest costume idea I could have since most people either have a jersey, can borrow a friend's, or purchase one at a local thrift store. If the pet is the athlete, you can get a kid's size jersey and use fabric scissors to adjust the fit. Most companies sell dog-sized jerseys too!

- Tutu/cheerleader costume

Cheerleader costumes can also be purchased at thrift stores, Halloween shops, and there may be one in your sorority sister's closet already if you ask. Child-sized tutus can be purchased for cheap and used if the pet is the cheerleader.

- Pom-poms

If the human is the cheerleader, pom-poms are a must to bring the outfit together. These can be purchased at a dollar or toy store.

TIPS: Don't forget to wear sneakers and try to color coordinate!

4. Doctor and nurse.


- Scrubs

This is another simple and cheap costume. To start, head to your local thrift store to purchase two pairs of scrubs. Attempt to find the smallest scrub shirt you can find for the dog.

- Stethoscope

Stethoscopes can be purchased online or at thrift stores. A family member may even have one — I know my mom does!

- Face masks

The human should wear a face mask that doctors wear during surgery. These can be purchased at department stores!


The human should wear a pair of gloves! Latex gloves can be purchased at the dollar store!

- Shoe covers or white shoes

Shoe covers go over shoes during surgery but hospital workers are also known for white shoes. If you have a pair of all-white closed-toes shoes, use those. If you do not, you can find shoe covers at department stores or online.

TIP: Add a name tag or paint to the scrubs to signify who is who.

6. Prisoner and police officer.


- Prisoner costume

Purchasing a prisoner costume from a costume store is often expensive. I have found many dog prisoner outfits online to be reasonably priced on websites like Chewy.com.

You could also purchase an all orange outfit or all black/white striped outfit at a thrift store for a cheap way to act as the prisoner.

- Police costume

For a police costume, you could choose to purchase one from a Halloween store. Or you could wear an all black outfit with a pair of dress pants and a button-up shirt. You may even have this in your closet already!

TIPS: If you are going the cheaper route, go to a dollar or toy store to purchase handcuffs and a police badge.

8. Mail-delivery person & crazy dog


- Mail-delivery person costume

In my opinion, it would be cutest for the human to play the dog and the dog to play the human. You can find reasonably priced mail delivery costumes for various companies on Chewy.com.

- Ears and tail kit

Department stores such as Walmart have dog ears and tail kits for as low as $10. If you are trying to be even cheaper, skip these items and just use more makeup.

- Makeup

Give yourself some whiskers using an eyeliner pencil. Apply blush on your cheeks. You can purchase some Halloween face makeup in the color pink and dot your nose.

TIP: Wear an outfit that is completely one color. Utilize the colors in the ears and tail kit if you can.

10. Superhero and sidekick.


- Two capes

Some of the most iconic dog and human Halloween costumes are superheroes. They are easy to find but can be a bit pricy. The sidekick costumes are more difficult to find but you can just do another superhero instead!

For cheaper capes, you can purchase plain capes. You pay more for names like Spiderman and Batman. But you can use a marker or paint to add a design to the capes to make your own superhero and sidekick.

TIP: If you are going the cheaper route, make sure to color coordinate outfits.

11. Popeye and Olive Oil.

For less than $25, you and your pet can have an adorable couples costume! While I did mostly talk about dogs, there are plenty of costumes for our feline friends, too.

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