There are 197 countries, in total, that populate this blue sphere we call earth. Many of the countries in the world have sights to see at least once in your life. Although most people won't be able to visit every single country world, many countries are more affordable than you think and have beautiful sights to see. The countries that made this list are accessible and have many gems that you can't resist to see. These are the countries that you can do while on a budget! So after you read this, make sure you book a trip to one of them!

1. Mexico

Mexico beach

Many people flock to Mexico for resorts right off the ocean, but for a big price. Mexico has many cheap options where you can still be right off the beach.

2. Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries to visit on this list. For most people, Indonesia is not their first choice for vacations, but it has many fun and beautiful places to see. From cheap hotels right off the beach to beautiful and lush jungles, and an island filled with dragons. Indonesia is a great choice!

3. Cuba


If you are looking for an affordable vacation in the Caribbeans, Cuba is the place to go! Stunning beaches, rich culture, great food — the list goes on! Recently, Americans were allowed to travel to Cuba, but the waiting list is long. If you get the chance to visit Cuba, its affordable and a beautiful country.

4. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is one of the best countries to visit. This country is the most diverse place on this list. With its gorgeous coastlines, friendly people, an incredible range of wildlife, and cheap hotels - South Africa is a country you can't resist!

5. Bulgaria

Bulgaria sunset

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe nowadays. This country is filled with rich history along with friendly people, world-class wine, and a diverse selection of meats. Bulgaria is the place to go!

6. Turkey


Turkey is a country that is filled with many historical buildings that date back all the way back to the 11th century BC. It's filled with a rich Muslim culture that you won't get anywhere else. Great food, good people, and wonderful beaches - Turkey is a great choice!

7. Greece

Greece coastline view

Greece is a country that has so much history behind it. From breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea to historical landmarks, Greece is filled with every ingredient you need for an affordable and great vacation!

8. Thailand


Thailand is one of Asia's best countries to visit on a budget! The "land of smiles" has numerous places to visit. Whether its jungles, great cities, awesome beaches, and National Parks, there's a place for everyone.

9. Argentina

Argentina Market

Argentina is on this list because it's an affordable trip with many vast area and regions that you can visit all year round! Although Argentina is not one of the cheapest options on this list, the price to visit is getting cheaper every year.

10.  Colombia


The last country on this list is one that has its ups and downs but is a wonderful and rich culture to see. Visit gorgeous beaches and experience great food and world-class coffee. Colombia is known for many things, but its also known as a cheap country to visit.