10 Customers Fast Food Workers Know Too Well
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10 Customers Fast Food Workers Know Too Well

Putting on a happy face is sometimes hard

10 Customers Fast Food Workers Know Too Well
Charlsley Carey

No matter where you are employed, we've all experienced these wonderful customers.

1. Customers who don't know what they want at the speaker box.

It's not like we offer a large menu with very complex meals. In the 3 minutes they have eaten up off drive thru time, a giant line has formed to the street. Please for the love of God, come inside if you need to browse the menu.

2. Customers who need spend a while at the speaker box deciding, to only order one simple item.

You're telling me that you needed 2 minutes to remember you only came here for a coffee or a medium fry?

3. Customers who ask the price of every item.

They are clearly posted on the menu board! Asking for the price of multiple items, one after another gets to be ridiculous.

4. Customers that leave their windshield wipers on while it's down pouring.

Thank you for washing my shirt and face for me. However, if you don't have a dryer for me, I'd rather you didn't. I now have to spend a portion of time being uncomfortably wet at work. There's nothing to see in front of you when you at the window until you have your items. Just turn 'em off!

5. Customers who "forgot" to order an item at the window.

Fine, I get it. You forgot someone's drink or fry. But, if you forgot to order for your four children, their friends, and your grandmother, drive back through. You are racking up our timed drive thru!

6. Customers who only yell the item louder when you ask for any modifications.

Yes, I heard you want a coffee. But, I need to know the size and if you want anything in it!

7. Customers that become irate when we are out of an item.

We can only make more product so fast. We don't like telling you we are out of something as much as you don't like hearing it.

8. Costumers who destroy the dining room and leave it.

Do you enjoy cleaning up the bags, straw wrappers, and soiled napkins of other people? Didn't think so. You have to pass a garbage can to exit the restaurant. Throwing items away as you walk out is not a strenuous activity.

9. Customers that'll do anything for free items.

Some customers will come and complain about every aspect of their meal just to receive their money back or be awarded free coupons. Of course, it happens once and a while. But, if you repeatedly complain every single time and demand some compensation, consider just going somewhere else.

10. Customers that smoke in the drive thru.

I don't know anyone who enjoys choking on a stranger's cigarette smoke. It is a very unpleasant surprise when you open window to have smoke attacking your nose. Please, put it out.

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