My Halloween Costume Is Not A Yes
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My Halloween Costume Does Not Mean I’m Asking For It

What's spooky is assuming I want you all up on me.

My Halloween Costume Does Not Mean I’m Asking For It

Halloween, it's the time of year for some that means finding the scariest costume local shops have to offer and for others this means finding the most revealing costume there is to hug your curves.

I bet you thought I was going to say the sluttiest costume, right? Well saying that a costume is slutty really just degrades the costume, then the person. And when you degrade the person you degrade their value. The truth is, your Halloween costume does not mean you should be treated as a sex object. This does not mean you should allow for anyone, of any sex, to come up to you and put their hands on you without consent. This costume does not mean you're asking for it.

It is so easy for people to assume that you chose this costume for all the attention, like can't women just enjoy Halloween with their friends without being being slut-shamed? And so what if a woman may want to look good for herself and others, when did that become a crime? Halloween is all about expression and creativity and yet many women are slut-shamed for their revealing costumes. Mind you, most of these costumes have also been worn by celebrities and they are applauded for their creativity. And yet non-famous women are scorned at and talked about by both sexes.

One of the biggest fears that I have every year is that women will be taken advantage of because of her of costume choice. Or that the one moment she stands by herself she is said to be seeking a hook-up. It pisses me off when people say 'well if her costume wasn't so slutty' or 'well she shouldn't have been showing that much skin' she wouldn't have been assaulted. NO.

Someone's costume does not mean free access to her body. It does not mean she is wanting to hook up after the parties. What a lot of people forget is CONSENT.

Don't assume someone is wanting to hook-up because they are flirting, what they're wearing, dancing and how they are acting.Chances are they have had something to drink or they are simply just wanting to have fun and trying to enjoy the night.

This is supposed to be a fun night with friends and relaxing after a long week. Don't ruin her night with unwanted sexual advances.For one, you're going to make her feel uncomfortable and two, you're just going to look like a sexist idiot.

So this is a message for everyone, make sure you ask for consent before advancing in anyway towards a person. Also be aware that some women don't like dancing or people dancing on her, don't shame her for not wanting to do it with you. And the pieces of fabric and thread is not a green light for a yes.

We're supposed to be moving forward as a society, so stop the Halloween Costume Slut-Shaming because it gets you no where. Remember to have fun and dress however you like and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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