How To Take Care Of Your Relationship During A Pandemic
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If You Want Your Relationship To Make It Through The Pandemic, You Have To Take Care Of It

Remember: Be flexible and understanding. This is a difficult time for everyone.

If You Want Your Relationship To Make It Through The Pandemic, You Have To Take Care Of It

If you are currently in a live-in-relationship or are a married couple, have you started experiencing some subtle changes in your relationship? Chances are, you are engulfed by the disastrous aftermath of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This global pandemic has not only shaken up the entire world but it has also started to create rifts in many types of relationships. Whether they be platonic or romantic, every relationship has to bear the brunt of negative feelings and bitterness. Even marital couples are seen experiencing a struggle during COVID-19 since they are spending way too much time with their spouses.

Some ways to mend broken relationships include giving your partner or spouse some relevant space and time to orient themselves in the right direction. Time is universally known to be the greatest healer and indeed, this will be the ideal antidote to potentially combat chronic fights and disagreements between the couple.

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For instance, TIME editor and writer, Belinda Luscombe illustrates, "As the coronavirus is obliging us to spend the vast majority of our hours in the same surroundings with the same adult, we have to figure out new ways of working, living, parenting and just getting along with each other."

In addition, couples should seek to introspect first before they start blaming anything on their partners. If you can take the initiative of fixing your flaws and overall frustration, then it will become increasingly easier for you to make peace and eventually understand the state of mind of your spouse. In other words, a marriage is a huge responsibility between both the partners which should be shared and division of labor should be established. The division of labor is highly instrumental when both of you are working and when you are also parents.

Learn to engage in acts of gratitude with your S.O. and praise them for their actions from time to time. While gracefully appreciating their acts of love, also squeeze in a little bit of constructive criticism chiefly to ensure they will try to improve their shortcomings and their erratic habits in a timely manner. In order to gain something, you also have to possess a "giving" heart with a teeny bit of self-sacrifice in the process.

It is important to realize you should provide your partners with a set of guidelines and expectations with the goal of testing their patience and emotional connection levels. Meanwhile, continue providing rewards when they have successfully met your established guidelines and expectations. Psychologically speaking, any type of reward will elicit a positive feedback loop further enhancing the respect and sanctity of the relationship in all aspects.

Whenever you are finding yourself lost and without an anchor to sail on, always remember that shared commitment and values will be your guide toward the end of the tunnel. It will always take two to tango and both partners involved in a relationship should be willing to be flexible and understanding as this is a difficult time for everyone. Essentially, it is always up to the individual as to how they embark upon the myriad ways in which they present themselves in a relationship and to avoid it from becoming a restrained or suffocated bond.

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For the most part, gesticulating with your hubby or wifey is a momentous method to communicate effectively and a superfluous amount of words are just not always necessary. Above all, eye contact is huge in terms of carrying out full-fledged and efficacious conversations. Always let your eyes do most of the talking, and now this ideology has become our universal mantra thanks to COVID-19!

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