My Thoughts on an Extended Spring

Okay, so I was going to write about thoughts I had as I made progress on my novel, but... I got an email today. Said email involved, you guessed it, the coronavirus. Apparently Spring Break is going to be another week longer, and there's either a possibility of not coming back afterward, or in-person classes stopping sometime after we all come back. Luckily I'm able to go home, but...



This is so stupid. The swine flu was so much worse and I didn't remember people being this paranoid. Hell, the REGULAR flu is worse than this. I know what you guys are going to say: "Shut up, Jane, what about those who are more vulnerable?" Um.... Does the word "immunosuppresant medication" mean anything? No seriously, does it mean anything? Either way I'm not stopping with them only to have the medical equivalent of getting kicked while I'm down.

Well... Another week away from school, right?


I guess... But that probably doesn't mean another week off, techincally but that's fine. I made it through a J-Term Online Class with an A. Then again, what if it's not two weeks? What stuff am I supposed to bring back home on Friday? Can someone please just tell me?

Let's hope there's toilet paper at home.


Like, seriously. Out of everything to stock up on, TOILET PAPER of all things is scarce? I mean, yeah, stray poop is gross, but toilet paper? Hand sanitizer and masks I understand, but are you serious? Why not canned food? Bottled water? First aid kits? Soap? All those make a lot more sense (And don't you dare get any ideas, hoarders. You're not the only people on the planet who need that stuff.)

Oh, the Anxiety Irony...


Being that I have anxiety, I should be among the people panicking, but I'm not, really. Like I said, something that's less fatal than the flu isn't going to ruffle my feathers all that much. I've probably had the flu at some point in time, and while it wasn't great... Eh. And being chronically ill, I am that person who rolls their eyes or looks into the imaginary camera like on the Office when someone says they're "dying" when they just have a cold. Come on.

At least I can work on my book without classroom obligations...

I get ideas at the worst times... 3 AM on weekdays, when I'm away from my laptop, oh, and during class. That's not going to happen. For once, I'll be able to write down what I need when I need it. And being that I'll be at home and not in Paris, I'll have time upon time. Oh wait... That's two weeks or more lost of Independent Study meetings... Man! Hopefully emails will suffice. Speaking of which.... Coming soon to an Odyssey article near you... Writing Thoughts: Novel Edition!

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