4 Confessions Of A Female Sports Fan
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4 Confessions Of A Female Sports Fan

No, I'm not a bandwagon fan.

4 Confessions Of A Female Sports Fan
Sports Illustrated

There are plenty of us in the world. Those either casual or die-hard sports fans who get put in a separate category categorized by our gender. Though it can be frustrating at times, I also find it rewarding. These are some common statements I’ve been told.

1. "You’re just a bandwagon fan who only cheers for the team who has the best record."

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement. Personally, I’m a fan of FC Barcelona, the second best team in La Liga. I’ve had countless people say to me, “you only like them because they’re popular.” True, it’s nice cheering for a team who has a great record, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I’ve always been somewhat of a fan since I was younger, looking up to Ronaldinho and Messi and admiring their talent. Would a bandwagon fan spend hours watching a match in another language? Would a bandwagon fan spend time researching the infamous El Clásico and dedicate their schedule around that match? Didn’t think so.

2. "Well, name the fourth batter in their lineup, name the backup pinch runner," etc.

I hate it when people ask me this. Most of the time, I’ll know these answers, but if I don’t, I’m not considered a “true fan.” It’s ridiculous at times when people expect others to know these facts that might not even matter. Ask me my thoughts on the player’s batting average, how they approach the ball, or why I believe the Cubs lack the correct abilities to win a World Series. I’ll be more than happy to answer these and get a good conversation going.

3. "Girls never know what’s going on anyway."

Sadly, I can see how some think this. Remember the one video of the girls all taking selfies at the baseball game, and the commentators noticing it as well? It’s hard to say you know what’s going on when things like this show up. If I’ve been watching a game with some guy friends, they know I understand what just happened. But, if I’m in public, I’ve had times where guys explain it to me like I live under a rock. Newsflash, sometimes I’ll know the call right before you do.

4. "Girls only watch sports to spot out attractive players."

Sure, who doesn’t love some eye candy? But that’s not what every girl looks for. I’m sure some guys have envied those good-looking, hard-hitting players. Show me their stats and we’ll see how attractive they are.

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