Although you may think there are tons of food options in Ann Arbor, it is very likely that you find yourself returning to the same places daily. Personally, once I find a place that I like, I frequent it, until I become sick of it. Living in Ann Arbor for almost a year and a half now, I have a list of places that I go to weekly. After frequenting these places, I started to question things that each of these places have done. When discussing the questions or thoughts I have towards these places, I realized that my friends found themselves wondering the same things. Here is a list of questions you and your friends might also be pondering about your favorite local hot spots in Ann Arbor.

1. Revive: What is that smell and why does it linger on you all day?

If you have ever eaten at Revive, you know what I’m talking about. Walking in, you are instantly hit with that aroma that is Revive specific. I have never been able to put my finger on what the smell is exactly, but trust me, it is distinct. After eating breakfast in Revive, I went straight to the library. Within moments of arriving, all my friends asked me if I just ate in revive. Key tip, to avoid the smell, call in your order for pickup, or wear clothes that need to be washed anyway.

2. Sava’s: Why did you stop chopping your salads?

If you have not eaten at Sava’s recently, you may be unaware of their new policy: Sava’s will no longer offer the option for a chopped salad. When discovering this, I thought I would be able to live with it and not be extra. As dramatic as this may sound, I took my chopped Greek salads for granted. Their once perfectly diced salads are now replaced with bowls of leafy greens, untouched by any knife or chopping tools. Upon ordering my favorite salad, I was informed that I could no longer request my salad chopped because chopping it “challenges the integrity of the restaurant.” When discussing this problem with my peers, they agreed with me in saying that the quality and enjoyment of their salad was lessened due to bulky lettuce, and chunky vegetables. Although you may think you will be able to cut up your salad by yourself, this task is much harder than you think.

3. No Thai: Why is this the name of this restaurant?

Before coming to school, I was already aware of the No Thai establishment. My brother was a No Thai enthusiast and spoke very highly of this place. Upon coming to school, I agreed with my brother and became a huge fan. I often am curious as to why the name implies that there will be no Thai food offered, when in fact, there are many Thai dishes offered. This question has struck the curiosity of me and my friends, to the point where we have sat down and tried to determine what the name might be implying. Unfortunately, we are unable to come to a conclusion as to why this is the name of the place, but we still enjoy it just as much.

Although our curiosity will not keep us up at night, or hinder our love of these places, it will definitely keep us wondering.