8 Common Misconceptions People Have About Minnesota

To many, Minnesota is a mystical land full of lakes, below-freezing temperatures, and people whose vocabulary consists of the words "uff-da" and "ope."

However, all Minnesotans can agree that it's about time that these myths get rebuffed. Here's some of the most common conceived things about the greatest state in the U.S: (okay, maybe I'm a little biased)

1. It's cold 100% of the time

This is definitely the most common misconception of all things Minnesota, and it's only true for about a third of a year. It doesn't get to -30 degrees in the winter and actually, in the summer it can be as warm as 90 degrees and up. Oh, and just because I'm from Minnesota doesn't mean the cold doesn't affect me. You will not catch me wearing a t-shirt in 30 degree weather.

2. We can "touch Canada"

Yes, I have been asked this question. Most of us actually live in/the suburbs of the Twin Cities, which is a 12 hour drive. Not close. Seriously, it's really not that NORTH.

3. Summer isn't a thing

False. The greatest part of Minnesota is the summers. Boating, perfect weather, sunny, and going up to the cabin. Minnesotans live for Minnesota summer, nothing beats it. Although it is hard to believe, we have all of the four seasons and a bonus fifth: road construction!

4. We have heavy accents

Fargo really started this myth and made Minnesotans everywhere laugh at how stupid it is. I've never heard someone say, "you betcha" or "uff-da" as anything more than a joke. Sure, maybe we have a slight accent, but nothing like the people in Fargo. Oh, and "eh" is a Canadian thing, not Minnesotan.

5. Minnesotans are nice

Now it's true that most Minnesotans can be outwardly nice. We prefer passive aggressiveness over actual aggression and can take more than 30 minutes to say goodbye to family and friends. However, the road rage in this state is insane. You would think that the experience in the winter would cause some driving improvement, but Minnesotans are slower than turtles on the interstate. Honestly, you might be safer in downtown Minneapolis than on the highway.

6. We all eat Lutefisk

Although there are pretty thick Scandinavian roots in Minnesota, most of us aren't fans of this dried whitefish delicacy. This is something that I've never tried and don't intend to.

7. We're not a part of the Midwest

Many put us, along with Wisconsin and the Dakotas in the "Northern" sector of the United States, but we argue that we are a part of America's Heartland as much as Nebraska and Kansas.

8. The loon is our state bird

Actually, it's the mosquito. Classic Minnesota dad joke.

Minnesota is just like every other state. We're upbeat and pretty mellow, but we don't get enough credit. After all, nobody loves their state more than Minnesotans and once you see the falsity of this misconceptions then you'll see why.

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