5 Common Complaints a Theme Park Worker is Tired of Hearing

Like any industry, working at an amusement park comes with highs and lows. The hours are long, the days are hot and the customers come in droves. Seeing hundreds, even thousands of guests per day leads to eventual errors and their inevitable complaints. While some complaints are valid and worth resolving, others are frustrating and annoying to have to deal with on a daily basis. Here are the five most frustrating complaints I receive every day.

1. "The prices are ridiculously high!"

Yes! I myself can control the price point of your order and I am intentionally marking it up just to anger you.

2. "If I give you a tip, can you [insert terminable offense here]"

Just because I can accept tips, does not mean I am going to lose thousands of dollars and my job just so you can have a free beer.

3. "These lines are so long!"

You came to an amusement park on a beautiful summer day... what did you expect? Come on a rainy day, or fork up the money to skip all the lines. Next.

4. "Let me speak to a supervisor."

The worst complaint of them all. In all industries. I have explained the specific corporate standard 72 times, miss. My supervisor will only say the exact same thing and you will walk away even more upset.

5. "Well, this associate let me do [insert the wrong action here]. Why can't you?"

Do I look like them? Just because one person is "cool" and lets you break the rules, does not mean I am going to do the same.

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