The commercial real estate industry is one of the most flourishing industry in the US, just like any other industry. With business activities getting more and more sophisticated with the advent of Information Technology and with the intrusion of sophisticated production technology, the commercial real estate in New York has been witnessing an upward trends in recent years, after the economic recession. The year 2015 has seen the end of the economic recession and with the result, the economic activity in the commercial real estate domain has progressed by 2.4 % by giving some cushion effect in the commercial real estate market. Also, the wheels of construction activities, especially commercial construction has been set in motion after the economic recession which hit hard across the world.

Some of the findings in support of the above state of affairs are:

Because of this welcome trend, as could be grasped from NYC commercial real estate news, the landlords are at an advantage as the rates of rents now has risen up to 8.2% when compared with that in 2015. Witnessing this trend, investors have started grabbing the opportunities to buy real estate in this expanding market, capitalizing the private sector financing and through commercial mortgage lenders.

Reviving infrastructure

As highlighted by the NYC commercial real estate news, the trend on the rising infrastructure spending in the US is growing these days and the growth of this spending has become at a fast pace helping to improve the infrastructures, such as roads and bridges. Thus, a growing infrastructure spending will no doubt facilitate in creating a ripples to bring about impact on the mighty commercial real estate domain.

The investor's interest goes sky-high

When it comes to attracting sizable investments, the commercial real estate sector provides investors with super-lucrative opportunities. So for people looking forward to improve their commercial capital, it is worth speculating in the commercial realty sector. In fact, as per the commercial real estate trends , the volumes of investment in commercial real estate sector has been witnessing an all-time high in recent years. Thus, the high-volume investment activity in this sector is indicative of the investors’ capability to withstand financial, political, and economic uncertainties.

Commercial realty development is on the rise

The unprecedented demand for commercial real estate and the thrust to enhance delivery services has easily impacted development across the US and such development will further persuade a number of companies to find a space in secondary or even in the tertiary markets. Because of this, small to medium sized commercial facilities and multi-story commercial spaces can easily become solutions for several potential businesses ventures in the coming years.


While the current trends in commercial real estate in the US do show a marked enhancement, Realtors should not become overconfident in this unpredictable global economy. So, it is prudent for commercial Realtors to be cautious to flood the market with new commercial facilities, since it is highly imperative to maintain equilibrium with consumers’ capability to absorb the commercial space introduced in the market.