What Your 6 Favorite Colors May Say About You

What Your 6 Favorite Colors May Say About You

The psychology of the rainbow - what your favorite color may say about your personality, lifestyle and mood.


The colors you wear, eat and surround yourself with impact your mind and body more than you may realize. Color psychology is the emotional + physical connection between you and a color -- each color relates to a personal experience in our life.

We associate certain colors with a feeling, positive or negative, which is largely why we love some colors and shy away from others! Your favorite color may say something about your personality and life. Play around with colors in your life and see the mental/physical results.

1. Red


A color of strength and energy, red grabs our attention and stimulates our brain. Red is typically associated with warmth and passion. Red represents strength, so you feel more courageous and lively when wearing it. Incorporate red into your outfits for a burst of energy and to raise your heart rate before a workout -- we become energized at the sight of red!

2. Yellow


Yellow inspires positive vibes and optimism because of its connection to happiness and warmth. We associate yellow with friends and family because it often reminds us of happy, cheerful moments in our lives. If you've had a hard day or are feeling down, try wearing a bright yellow top or spending time outdoors in the sun.

3. Orange


Need a boost of creativity? Wear/drink/eat orange to improve your enthusiasm and energy! Orange combines the power of red with the happiness of yellow. Orange is often used for food packaging and advertisement because it makes you feel comfortable and warm. Food for thought -- don't use orange decorations in your kitchen to avoid random food cravings!

4. Green


Embrace your natural side with the color green and its connection to harmony, growth and peace. Green produces a calming effect on your mind because it suggests stability and power. Decorate your home with green accents, especially your bedroom, to feel the calmest and relaxed. You can also fill empty spaces with small plants, like succulents, to bring growth and harmony to a lifeless area. Feel the full effects of green by spending time outdoors and going for a walk/run for your workout.

5. Blue


Blue strongly affects your intellectual side and is considered the color of the mind. Strong, deep blues promote thought and communication, while light blues aid in concentration and relaxation. Blue is a cool color and promotes mental reflection and intense thought, rather than physical energy and passion. We often find more natural blues in flowers, water and stones!

6. Violet


A combination of calming blue and fiery red, violet is the symbol of quality thought and wisdom. It is often used in meditation and reflection because of its calming, but thought-provoking, abilities. Wear violet at your next yoga session to channel your inner heart chakra and reflect on the ups and downs of your day.

Color psychology pushes us to look deeper into our surroundings, from what we wear to what we eat. What's your favorite color?

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