Online dating is everywhere. Now more then ever, people are hopping on the internet, to search for that special someone. Between Match, eHarmony, J Date, Chrisitan Mingle, the options are so widespread, especially when it comes to searching for love.

For college students, the most popular include Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr. Aside from those three and the various others, most universities don't have their own dating service geared toward students who attend that school. With this being absent from most schools, should it be created? Here are reasons exploring why colleges should and shouldn't have their own dating websites.

Universities should because:

1. Creates Better Communication Skills

In a generation where people are always looking down and are glued to technology, this would give individuals a chance to silence the electronics and look at that opposite person who they might fall in love with. Afterall, if your alone with that good looking male or female, are you really going to look down?

2. Would Make College Students Happier

Aside from being away from home, whether it's from high school or elsewhere, one of the things that depress college students are relationship breakups. If universities had their own dating service, students can easily make an account and get paired up with someone who goes to the same school as them. This would help them get over those past relationships and not have to worry about driving a distance or leaving campus to meet people.

3. Gives Them Something To Do

Not all universities offer a lot to do at night and on weekends. With having their own dating service, next time students are bored and don't have anything to do, it would give them a chance to meet people, who might become their significant other.

4. Would Decrease Competition From Other Dating Services

Between Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and other services, the competition to become successful and attract more users is intense. If universities created their own dating services, competition wouldn't be as bad since students would most likely use the other ones less.

5. Builds Friendships

Although the goal would be to match people and make them fall in love, college dating services would be able to do more than just that. Getting students to socialize more would be one of the things.

6. Would Allow Them To Meet New People

Other than academics, meeting new people, forming new friendships, and having fun are what college is all about. If campus's had their own dating service, this would add more to that.

Why They Shouldn't:

1. It's Another Distraction

Millenials are already the most distracted by things such as social media. This would only distract them more.

2. Would Attract More Creepers

The Internet is already filled with a bunch of them, especially dating websites.

3. Wouldn't Allow Students To Meet In Person As Much

Although people don't meet each other in person as much anymore, whether it's at a party, in class, or just on campus, college is a place where people are supposed to meet each other in person. Besides, it's better to have a love at first sight experience in person than online.

4. Fewer People Would Have Love At First Site Memories

These memories usually happen without the help of technology.

5. Would Get Taken Advantage Of In Wrong Ways

Like all social media and dating sites, there's a right and wrong way to use them. By being a part of the culture, one is given both ways to use them. Unfortunately, people do take advantage of and use them incorrectly.

6. Might Not Attract A lot of People

Although various college students would use them to their own advantage, others might look at it as a negative thing. Also, due to student enrollment size, it might not even survive at smaller universities.