Who doesn't like puppies? Or kitties?

Who doesn't love late night snuggles with your pet because you're forever alone and your pet will never go through an identity crisis even if you do.

Or if they do, it'll look like this:

Which is adorable so really, is there a downside? We, as college students, are deprived of pet love, which while not required, makes me a much happier person with more patience.

Just think about it, it could be a great thing for the pets and for us! Pets in shelters need companionship, and well, college kids do too.

1.) Shelters on campus would give students the opportunity to stop in after lunch and cuddle, and then the pets get cuddles. EVERYONE WINS!

2.) Just think of psychological benefits!

Lonely? Homesick? Head down to the student center and visit the campus shelter and spend some time with a dog!

3.) Think about how much easier sad times would be!

Feeling lonely and sad? Need someone to cuddle with? Don't hit up your ex! Just cuddle with a dog.

4.) It would be great for snow days

With puppies to cuddle we wouldn't be bored and "likely to get into trouble."

5.) Also for writing papers

Because nothing helps relieve writer's block like a puppy.

6.) It would be good for the pets

Most shelter animals don't get the attention they need, and the same can be said for many college students. Combine the two, and you can solve two problems in one go.

7.) Could be used for exercise...

I, for one, would be much more motivated to go run or go to yoga if there was a dog or cat there.

8.) The world needs more love

Everywhere we look, there's people arguing and being rude to each other. Having pets on campus would remind students to appreciate the love in life and that it isn't all bad.

9.) Animal withdrawal is real

I just want to cuddle a puppy is that too much to ask?

10.) A pet will never, never judge you.