There comes a strange point during the summer when I always find myself missing school. This has only become more real with college. If you've opted to come home for the summer, it can be a long three to four months. I was excited to come home at the end of the spring semester. I had felt exhausted from all the schoolwork and just felt like I needed a break. But being home for about two months now, I feel like time is flying by. I love being home with my childhood friends and the time that I have in the town that I grew up in, but recently I have found myself missing my other life at school. And I never expected to feel like this.

Notice how I said "other life." It's weird to think that you live two totally different lives in your hometown and your college town, but when you think about it, there's no better way to describe it. You have different friends, you're in a completely different place, and your daily schedule changes. I mean, you basically become a modern Hannah Montana when you spend your time in these two spots. I've had much, much needed R and R these past couple months, and I have not had an inch of school work to worry about, which feels just great. I don't miss all of the work, but I do miss the learning something new part. Something about waking up and going to class is appealing to me, even during the summer months.

I feel like I am back living my old life since I've been home. I work at my old job, do the things I used to do in high school, and hang out with my old friends. It makes me grateful for what I have back home, but it also makes me nostalgic. I will always be blessed that I have such amazing things to come back to. I love spending time with my parents and family that I don't get to see daily. I like being close to the beach. I love being reminded of the little things that will make this place my home. I cherish the moments that I get to spend here because I know that they won't last forever. However, I soon will return to my home away from home, another place that I hold close to my heart.

More and more, I look forward to what's to come. With each year comes new opportunities. I am unsure what this next year will bring up at school, but I am more than ready to find out. When I click through my Snapchat to see friends who are doing summer semester, I start to get major FOMO. I don't regret not doing summer, because, as I said, I needed this break. But the place and its people are definitely something I can't wait to get back to. I guess I should be grateful that I love both sides of my Hannah Montana life.