Oh Christmas time, one of the best times of the year. Christmas is right around the corner which means sleeping in late, absolutely no schoolwork, home-cooked meals, and family time. Nothing beats your home bed and your own bathroom. (if you know what I mean)

Throughout the month of December, you will get asked the same question over and over and over again, “What do you want for Christmas?” As college kids, we all know what we actually need, but then again what we actually want. Between the two, it can be that new gaming console to new socks and underwear that doesn’t have holes all in them--but we still stick the console.

Here are five reasonable gift ideas that any college kid would ecstatic to see on Christmas morning.

1. Money

No one can complain or gripe about money. You can do anything and everything with it. Now you can even buy those sweet new Nikes you saw in the window at the mall last week.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards have the same concept as money, but have a bigger advantage over all. The gift card giver knows you will spend it on something you enjoy from what ever store they choose.

3. Clothes/Shoes

Lets be honest, college students never have time to do anything besides live in the library. Constantly wearing the same things week after week makes your stuff become ragged. Needless to say, clothes and shoes are greatly appreciated.

4. Music

While studying, you almost have to have some kind of music to get you focused and determined. Lets be real, whether you're in a Dave Matthews mood or a Fetty mood it all gets you through your studies.

5. Food

Without a doubt, food for every student is and will always be a top choice. You're flat out broke and your money is going straight to Thursday nights and weekends. You don't want to waste a dime on anything else.